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located on or near or bordering on a coast


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This grant is crucial to Wisconsins coastal communities, Governor Walker said.
Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company -- approved to remove up to 50,000 personal residential policies (35,000 Personal Lines Account and 15,000 Coastal Account) and up to 500 commercial residential policies (400 Commercial Lines Account and 100 Coastal Account)
Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts" recommends that benefit-cost analysis, constrained by acceptable risk criteria and other important environmental and social factors, be used as a framework for evaluating national investments in coastal risk reduction.
The Coastal Erosion Management Plan is being prepared as part of the COBSEA project Strengthening the Resilience of Coastal Communities Ecosystems and Economies to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Erosion".
Antony, who is likely to visit some coastal locations soon to review the progress on Coastal Radar Network, emphasised that all the stakeholders should work with common purpose and ensure that there are no gaps in the coastal security framework.
Each issue of the new journal, available in PDF format, features 30-35 page articles on a range of subjects including fisheries, coastal development, coastal access, and pollution with a focus on applied research and case studies.
Already widely known for its outstanding client service and creative design, The Coastal Group now extends the same award-winning services to retailers and direct marketing with this new division headed by Ed Hershey.
As much as 80% of the nation's coastal wetland loss in this time occurred in Louisiana.
If this trend continues, coastal ecosystems, which include hundreds of plants and animal species, will experience shrinking habitats.
5 million pounds of debris from the state's shorelines and coastal areas, officials said.
All the fish that inhabit the Gulf spend some part of their life cycle here," explains Kay Radlauer, president of the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary, "so it's important for all coastal fishing from Texas to Florida.
Coastal environments include some of the world's most productive wildlife habitats.
And while it has brought a windfall of property-tax revenue to many coastal governments, it also has diminished public access to the coast, increased racial tension, displaced poorer residents, and polarized communities.
Receiving the STELLAService rating is quite a badge of honor for our company," commented Roger Hardy, Coastal.
Victorians are encouraged to share their views on the protection of Victorias coastal environments.
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