coast redwood

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lofty evergreen of United States coastal foothills from Oregon to Big Sur

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If Endlicher were to name the Coast Redwood for its place in a sequence, it would more properly have become Sequentia sempervirens.
Surprisingly, only 4% of the coast redwoods still live on in an area of northern California which once covered 2 million acres.
We apply these microsatellite loci to DNA from a collection of redwood clones covering the entire geographic range of coast redwood with the objectives: (1) to test their suitability to detect genetic variation in this hexaploid species, and (2) to assess genetic structure across the geographic range of the species and test for possible phylogeographic breaks.
How do green plants like the coast redwood make food?
Famed photographer Julius Shulman looks out from his Hollywood Hills studio and doesn't see a Los Angeles planted with palms, but a city cloaked in coast redwoods, the world's tallest trees.
For pure visual impact, this new coast redwood discovery (one of several), blows away the General Sherman giant sequoia when it comes to photographic illustration showing human next to trunk for scale comparison.
Large or small, she took all the plants home to the Pierce Street yard in west Eugene that's been her home since the mid-1970s - a coast redwood tree in the back yard that was her height when she moved in now towers upwards of 100 feet over the back yard - and potted them, pruning the overgrown, greening up those that needed tender loving care and setting them out on tables in her front yard for word-of-mouth customers glad for a good deal.
His goal: find out what keeps a coast redwood, or even the giant sequoia (shown, far right), from spindling upward forever.
Veticka notes the coast redwood has been in cultivation in Europe since 1840.
Coast redwood Height: 349' Tree Circumference: 845" Coast Douglas-fir Height: 281' Tree Circumference: 505" Common baldcypress Height: 96' Tree Circumference: 647" Saguaro Height: 54' Tree Circumference: 83" Mexican-buckeye Height: 9' Crown Spread: 16' Person Height: 5'5"
As the work proceeds, contractors will bring in 39 live, mature Douglas fir, incense cedar, coast redwood, giant sequoia, western red cedar and Canadian hemlock trees, all 35 to 40 feet tall.
The scientific name of the coast redwood is Sequoia sempervirens, which means ever living - a bit of an exaggeration as the oldest redwood known is ``only'' about 2,200 years old.
A number of species will be available, including Douglas fir, Noble fir, Ponderosa pine, Grand fir, Western Red Cedar, Coast Redwood, Red Alder, Giant Sequoia and White Oak.
There is no place like it in the world,'' said John Kolb, district superintendent of the North Coast Redwood District.
In fact, the world's tallest known tree is a coast redwood that measures just over 379 feet tall.