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Synonyms for coarseness

Synonyms for coarseness

Synonyms for coarseness

language or humor that is down-to-earth


the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

looseness or roughness in texture (as of cloth)

the quality of lacking taste and refinement

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No Philippine leader is remotely comparable, indeed, and not only in the coarseness of language, but in the coarseness of everything else.
Also problematic is the fact that more people seem to be offended by the candour rather than the coarseness. Interestingly, some of the highest voted comments on Reddit suggest a disappointment over Pandya choosing to talk about his private life in public instead of keeping it private.
[16] have analyzed cell images from Pap smears and have found that dysplastic cells differ from normal cells in size, nuclear proportion, nuclear shape irregularity, chromatin density, and nuclear coarseness. Rahmadwati et al.
"I think he represents all the polarisation and all the coarseness and all the bile that has infused society via social media and the rest of it over the last 10 years.
I would add as well, in Lewis's defense, that this subtle acknowledgment of the overturned cosmos is unlikely to have escaped his attention; therefore, that the "coarseness" of which he complains in Confession is a mere conceit.
Coarseness, caused by age and environmental factors (pollution, UV), is erased.
The increasing coarseness of our society saddens me.
The problem with the coarseness of modern practice is that 90 percent of all lawyers have become attorneys.
The coarseness of the sanding sheets you use will be determined 4 by the state of the floorboards.
His strait-laced, optimistic seriousness in the face of absurd predicaments is genuinely funny, and it makes up for the unnerving moments in the novel, including scenes of sexual coarseness.
Moreover, the nanoparticles affect cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation by creating nanotopography, increasing the coarseness and surface roughness.
They have generally ignored his comic prints and deplored his "coarseness".
The tablet's splash- resistant stylus, which is built into the casing and can detect 1,024 gradations of pressure sensitivity, enabling the thickness or coarseness of strokes to be rendered in a way that is similar to a pen or brush on paper.
Ageing skin is characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, lentigines, dyspigmentation and increased coarseness. Topical preparations alleged to combat these changes abound in the over-the-counter market.