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having surface roughness

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However, where a fine-textured soil layer overlaid a coarse-textured soil, percolating water became trapped or stored just above the textural interface.
Caption: "It might take three hours at 1 gallon per hour to saturate coarse-textured soil or six hours to saturate heavy clay soil.
Tarboro series are somewhat excessively drained, coarse-textured soils with rapid permeability (15-50 cm/hour) and acidic conditions (pH 5.
Soil water repellency and infiltration in coarse-textured soils of burned and unburned sagebrush ecosystems.
Traditionally made in a mortar, gazpacho is usually coarse-textured.
PLAY WITH ILLUSION To create a sense of depth, use low-to midheight plantings in the foreground, taller ones in back; enhance the effect with coarse-textured plants in the foreground, fine-textured ones in back.
This is particularly the case where fertilisers, solid wastes (biosolids), or liquid wastes (effluent from sewerage treatment plants and intensive livestock industries) are applied to soil types having coarse-textured or well-structured characteristics, which are located in areas of moderate to high rainfall, have shallow watertables, and/or receive water supplement through surface irrigation.
The chicken was tender, the peanut sauce was coarse-textured and tangy and they were beautifully decorated with a flower.
Consequently, fine-textured soils, which contain large surface areas, are more chemically reactive than coarse-textured soils.
The flat shape of the clay particles also allows for closer packing than is possible in coarse-textured soils.
Since that time, this coarse-textured ice confection typically made from fruit, has evolved into a "slushy" drink available in most convenience stores, restaurants and even schools.
Meal was the most common form of feed produced by co-ops (72 percent of the total); pellets were second (14 percent), followed by coarse-textured (11 percent), liquid (2 percent), cubes (1 percent) and blocks (0.
As a result, coarse-textured soils cover more than 50 percent of the country's agricultural land.
Generally, fine-textured grasses are more attractive than coarse-textured grasses.
A bit of a mouthful in other words but a very good one, apparently, the halves of succulent pepper packed solidly with the coarse-textured but deeply savoury and moist mix.