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Synonyms for coarse-grained

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

not having a fine texture

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In Section 3 an example of antenna array pattern synthesis is provided to demonstrate the advantages of the coarse-grained PMGA.
Coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture (CGRA) is a compromise between application-specific optimizations of embedded systems demanded by the market and the flexibility of systems to accommodate short time-to-market requirements.
14) reported that ultrafine-grained copper exhibited remarkably lower corrosion current in comparison with that in its coarse-grained counterpart.
This book provides an in-depth overview of all of the coarse-grained schemes developed for condensed phase and biomolecular systems.
lt;p>And Gartner's fifth prediction is that by 2012 one-third of analytic applications applied to business processes will be delivered via coarse-grained mashups.
A Mesocite simulates particles incorporating ring structures, electrostatics and gives users options to incorporate more chemical details in mesoscale simulations than before, providing simulation between the fine-grained atomistic models and the more coarse-grained Mesotek models.
But the coarse-grained, print-ridden volcanic ash hardened quickly after it fell, probably around 40,000 years ago, Gonzalez and colleagues reported in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
The conglomerates and coarse-grained sandstones predominate in the section of the Pre-Caspian-Guba region and in the inter-fluve of Kura and Iori.
Designed to satisfy the unique level sensing needs of the bulk solids industry, the Vibracon LVL-B Series is a useful solution for sensing fine or coarse-grained material, such as grain, sugar, animal feed, beans, gypsum, sand, plastic granules, chalk, cereals, rice, detergents, and cement, among others.
Specifically designed to satisfy the level sensing needs of the bulk solids industry, the switches are an ideal solution for sensing fine or coarse-grained material such as grain, sugar, animal feed, beans, chalk, cereals and rice, among others.
That is why the Prosonic S FMU90 has an excellent measuring range of up to 70m and offers continuous, non-contact level measurement of everything from fluids, pastes and sludge to powdery and coarse-grained bulk solids.
The first series of the experiments was carried out with contaminated coarse-grained (diameter 2-8 mm) sandy soil from the Amari airport (northwestern Estonia).
com) has introduced what it calls an "iTunes-like" Component Gallery to speed the delivery of modular business by allowing business analysts to assemble ready-to-deploy business solutions using standards-based, coarse-grained software components with XML interfaces.
Both methods primarily conduct two phase algorithms by creating Histogram Generators for fast generating coarse-grained spatial association rules, and further mining the fine-grained spatial association rules w.
After the unseemly sexual behaviour in which this coarse-grained entertainment delights.