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cause to adhere


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fit tightly and fasten

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COAPT trial is a randomized controlled trial that had two groups; one group was assigned to GDMT while the other group had mitra clip in place in addition to the GDMT.
However the outer vein walls do not coapt as a result of the interposed thickened intima.
“We are very fortunate to be able to participate in this multi-center trial,” said Ricardo Yaryura, MD, medical director of Sarasota Memorial's cardiology services, who serves as principal investigator, along with sub-investigator Michael Mumma, MD, of the COAPT trial at Sarasota Memorial.
Even minor trauma may injure the nasal septum, which can lead to the development of a nasal septal hematoma or nasal septal abscess, defined as a collection of pus between the cartilaginous or bony nasal septum and its normally coapted mucoperichondrium or mucoperiosteum.
In this condition, the urethral sphincteris unable to coapt and generate enough resting urethral closing pressure to retain urine in the bladder.
"Very interesting about COAPT. I'll put it in as a challenge to the reader.
Classic aortic valve sparing procedure, also called "David's" technique, maintains valve competence by downsizing the sinotubular junction and sinuses, allowing the aortic cusps to centrally coapt (1).
The ribbon device is manufactured by Coapt Systems, a company well known to plastic surgeons.
In addition, respiratory maneuvers such as rapid inspiration or "sniffing" should cause the walls of the subclavian veins to coapt or collapse.
In much the same way, surgeons can elevate their technical laparoscopic skills to artistry, ultimately reducing harm by deepening their understanding of the biophysical principles of energy modalities they use daily to coapt, coagulate, and cut tissues.
Based on the results of the COAPT (Cardiovascular Outcomes Assessment of the MitraClip Percutaneous Therapy for Heart Failure Patients with Functional Mitral Regurgitation) trial, the company investigated MitraClip for treating secondary MR and the data add to ten years of evidence on the use of MitraClip for treating both primary and secondary MR.