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a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out

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Where coaming is not installed, the deck edge is marked with a white circle with a red "[CO.
Different regulatory schemes might mandate different requirements for the height of a coaming above the floor of the deck.
Failing to see a tie-down chain, he tripped and fell over the coaming.
His foot hit the coaming that lined the bottom of the doorway.
At first there was no break in the level of the deck, but the cockpit coaming was made lower so that it didn't strike the quahoger's leg so high up when the boat rolled.
Half standing, half sitting on the coaming of the cockpit, I steered by watching the angle at which the pennant blew out; at times verifying the course by a glimpse of a star through a rift in the clouds," wrote Worsley of the first journey.
Limited also by the cables available from the cockpit to the rear compartment, a controller -- slimmer in both function and size -- was designed to mount on the cockpit coaming.
I settle into the cockpit and tug the skirt around the coaming.
He claimed that the charterer was liable for failing to put a handhold on the coaming ladder from which he fell.
Unlike competitive arrangements in which the gasket is placed inside the hatch cover as an additional part, Dev-Mark designed a neoprene gasket that attaches directly to the periphery of the hopper car's stainless steel coaming.
Tenders are invited for Opening of manhole covers, defect survey, repair of manhole covers and coaming and manufacture of new manhole covers on ekm class submarine of in.
Starting at the bow, there's built-in seating with backrests that are integrated into the gunnel coaming, which gives you more cockpit space.
The hatch between the plant and the hangar bay has a coaming, requiring a ramp to move the LOX cart up and over the ledge.
Limited Tenders are invited for Mo(V)/Cpro/Rs/16V1fc008/Procurement Of Port Hole 250Mm Dia With Coaming
Sitting out comfortably on the teak coaming, the composite wheel felt nicely balanced as the tell-tales flattened out, while our heeling angle felt just about right to reduce the wetted area of the beamy transom.