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I was nominated for owner of the year and finished second to Lord Derby, which wasn't bad going for a coalman from Cheshire."
The Observer said:"The coalman promptly tackled the outbreak which if it had gone undetected much longer would have had serious consequences."
"She's a great gal," Coalman said, describing Sadler's work as outstanding.
"The coalman had sluiced down the cart for us and covered it with straw, for us to sit on.
I thought at first hello, it's Father Christmas, but no it was only a coalman making his deliveries.
They are made up of roadmen, welders, builders, a coalman and a retired policeman and a retired taxman.
There's tough Dallas native, Laura, who'll become Evelyn's best friend, old coalman Mr.
This was almost always on the street to allow easy access for the coalman. One minute a pedestrian was walking along the road, the next he was in someone's cellar.
Coalman, Ed.D., vice president of wellness and programs at Touchmark, an Oregon-based company that builds and operates retirement communities in the United States and Canada.
Coalman's tips for conducting an exercise program with elderly dementia residents include keeping the movements slow but smooth, using straight-backed chairs with good back support, and invoking visual imagery such as marching in place to make the movements purposeful and fun.
Coalman, Ed.D., vice president of wellness and programs at Touch mark, an Oregon-based company that operates a range of retirement communities including nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in the United States and Canada.
City Recorder Barb Mock said Tuesday night's motion included a provision by McCarty that the proposed election be subject to approval by City Attorney Bruce Coalman, to ensure the approach is legal under the city charter.
The ex-boxer and coalman told astonished colleagues: "The easiest way to get rid of one's wife, if one wanted to, would be to go to a city with fluoridated water and boil a kettle two or three times a night.
Bouncer No 2 Paul Harris, 41, said: "I might be a 14 stone coalman but these kids are the pits.
Fire hero Coalman Archie Millar helped elderly resident to safety