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someone who delivers coal

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The coalman had sluiced down the cart for us and covered it with straw, for us to sit on.
This was almost always on the street to allow easy access for the coalman.
Coalman described one exercise program, developed by a physical therapist for Touchmark, that starts with participants taking one to three deep breaths while raising their arms overhead.
Coalman described one exercise program developed by a physical therapist for Touchmark that starts with participants taking one to three deep breaths while raising their arms overhead.
Brought up in north London, he left school at 12, did shifts as a coalman and when he got to Brighton mixed flogging second-hand cars with singing at the end of the pier and training selling platers.
City Recorder Barb Mock said Tuesday night's motion included a provision by McCarty that the proposed election be subject to approval by City Attorney Bruce Coalman, to ensure the approach is legal under the city charter.
The ex-boxer and coalman told astonished colleagues: "The easiest way to get rid of one's wife, if one wanted to, would be to go to a city with fluoridated water and boil a kettle two or three times a night.
Bouncer No 2 Paul Harris, 41, said: "I might be a 14 stone coalman but these kids are the pits.
Employees from 32 assisted living communities in nine states will attend this event conducted by Marge Coalman, PhD, Regent's national program director.
They could also be seen when the coalman and his horse and cart came clattering down the back lanes.
Reserves: Blackhouse Elsa, Boydslass Smiler, Canny Make It, Farloe Mustang, Goldrush Mazie (W), Highview Honey, Move Over Fozzy, Oor Alan, Romeo Big Fun, Romeo For Sure, Target Coalman, Target Deck, Wraysbury Reward.
Dyn y Glo - Coalman by Mike Jones at Fountain Fine Art
When the Scouts and Cubs had a big 1950s jamboree at Liverpool's Anfield stadium with a cowboy and Indian theme, my mother asked the coalman for a couple of sacks which she washed and dyed brown.
When the coalman had been Colin |Perry had to put pennies in the gas meter by clambering over the coal
The shocked coalman, 39, said: "Natalie started shouting at them because the one strapped to the gate had his pants down and was getting spanked.