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the part of a coal seam that is being cut

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PS Jonathan Hausmann is chief operating officer at The Coalface.
A lot of theoretical and practical research shows, the coal body in front of the coalface is divided into the crushing zone, plastic zone and elastic zone (Griffith et al., 2014; Zhao et al., 2010).
Joan Hart spent 46 years as a nurse and has now co-written her memoir, At The Coalface, with journalist and author Veronica Clark.
There was some uncertainty as to how these changes were being translated into good practice at the customer coalface. Many culture change initiatives are fragile, and their success is not ensured.
Peter chisels "It's a lot of work at the coalface," admits Peter with some understatement.
When we speak, the play has just opened in Dublin before heading across the water to start its UK tour proper in Chelmsford, with Ian attending the opening night before returning to the Game of Thrones coalface.
We all moan about the lack of funding for the NHS but if we started to curb the issuing of these prescriptions at the coalface there would be more funds available to treat patients who are in genuine need.
Apart from the fact that George had to get in the current Tory buzzword "hard-working" - yeah dude, I don't think you get many really lazy, laid-back miners down the pit, lounging about the coalface on beanbags while scoffing cream cakes - you just wanted to scream: "Really Osborne?
Izindaba reports [10] from experts at the coalface on just how, where and for whom it makes the most sense, and most critically, which high-risk groups might be most adherent.
Workers at the coalface of commerce, will in some way or other have to tighten belts still further, with fewer services being provided.
If they are available, why aren't these staff and services employed now to help the nurses trying to deliver care to those clients at the current coalface?
Taking Finch's career to the coalface of danger is a strategic masterstroke, opening a wealth of potential cases for the enigmatic characters Moffat has built over the last three books in the series.
But on the training coalface, people are walking away, effectively leaving the keys in the door in order to do something else.
earned our living at the coalface of nationhood lived in the thin space
Mobile App styling and simple operation means that you are never far away from what is going on at the coalface.