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growing together, fusing


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Evaluation of coalescent space was focused on three primary coalescing agents: Loxanol[R] CA 5310 and Efka[R] PL 5651 from BASF Corporation and Eastman Optifilm[TM] Enhancer 400 (from Eastman Chemical Company, referred to as Optifilm 400 for further discussion).
Myriant's platform produces a broad pipeline of bio-based chemicals including bio-succinic acid, Myrifilm[R] renewable coalescing solvent and other bio-based products that perform equal to, or better than, traditional petroleum-based products.
Make a note that the coalescing filter assembly contains a filter element, NSN 4330-00-300-7749, that can be ordered.
The first coalescing stage removes particulate and liquid droplets.
New, full featured redesigned coalescing Balston Filters are now available from Parker Hannifin Corp.
The coalescing filter on the dryer was undersized for the flow rate, causing a pressure drop.
The separator uses a self-contained air-operated diaphragm or electric pump to transfer wash solution from the parts washer to the coalescing unit.
Allied Group offers coalescing and particulate filters.
The classic microscopic features of KS are intersecting compact, coalescing, and sheet-like fascicles of uniform, mildly atypical spindle cells that delineate either slit-like or sieve-like vascular spaces that contain extravasated erythrocytes (figure 1).
The Enviroguard system consists of three primary sections; all intake section, a coalescing filter section and a drain assembly.
What: Coalescing oil separation system for the LeanClean 360 cellular basket aqueous parts cleaning system
Each organizational domain, they said, is huge and complex and leaves scant time for coalescing with others.
In addition, it is possible that the organic matter is highly stable in these rare soils, enabling them to resist coalescing (Fig.