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Synonyms for coalescence

the union of diverse things into one body or form or group

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They are all spiralling together towards coalescence.
Generally coalescence process takes place in five basic steps [9, 10] which are: (i) The two droplets get the adhesive contact due to collision between the droplets; (ii) The draining of thin film occurs when two droplets approach in contact.
Both the coalescence and ecstatic dances have guidelines of silence, acceptance and mindfulness, meant to "inspire an ecstatic journey.
1b and c), the bubbles can become endowed with a mechanically robust shell which can prevent bubble coalescence and stabilize the foam.
Bubble coalescence dynamics is investigated in 82% glycerin solution (Table 1), whereas the density and viscosity ratio is in 1000.
This creative coalescence, as a tradition, can do wonders for a society's intellectual growth.
Coalescence Metamorphic LAURA Cole is the pianist, composer, arranger and leader of this band which met at Middlesex University.
The paper also shows that in the case of symmetrical problems the proposed model, like the traditional analysis and unlike the other modified decision trees (game and scenario trees), allows for the use of the coalescence procedure which, as shown later, reduces the number of operations needed to obtain the solution.
increasing organization and coalescence of the Syrian opposition, as
But the scheme did not comply with the Welsh Government's Planning Policy Wales document, which says: "The expansion of towns and villages should avoid creating ribbon development, coalescence of settlements or a fragmented development pattern".
They measured pH, total acidity, viscosity, color, coalescence and mineral levels.
and Small Business of the Year winner Coalescence L.
In this context, this study examines Nambya vowel harmony and hiatus resolution strategies such as glide formation, vowel elision and vowel coalescence.
Tsvetnaov concluded that "Octopus is an operation that launches the fight against organized crime, corruption and coalescence of organized crime with the state apparatus.