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joined together into a whole

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We describe the development of coalescence and soil strength with time and show that coalesced soil limits root growth so that it has important implications for management and crop yield.
The European group suggested that the planetary-mass object coalesced from the outer reaches of a gas-and-dust disk surrounding the brown dwarf.
Couples often coalesced into groups; others exchanged partners, disappeared, and reemerged in a steady stream of exits and entrances.
Theorists have for decades proposed that Jupiter--as it emerged from the planet-making disk that swaddled the young sun--had its own tiny disk from which the planet's vast retinue of moons coalesced.
There was little to suggest affection or companionship as they crisscrossed the stage, though at one point a group briefly coalesced.
A large chunk of debris coalesced to form Charon, while smaller bits merged to form the two tiny moons, argue Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo.
Just for a moment the dance coalesced, speaking of decay, spelling out demise.
With increasing concentrations of lecithin, the spheres coalesced to form tubular structures.