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fueled by burning coal


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Vectrens proposed racked gas plant is larger than the coal-burning power plants it would replace.
In May 2004, high levels of air pollution in Tongliang prompted the government to shut down the local coal-burning power plant to improve community health.
We're hobbyists, but we own both wood-burning and coal-burning forges on our homestead.
For example, coal-burning particles contained traces of selenium and arsenic, traffic emissions contained elemental carbon, and oil-combustion particles contained nickel and vanadium.
It will be the first Google data center built on the site of a former coal-burning power plant.
However, the study, compiled by four economic researchers, one of them Chinese, was able to make a definitive comparison between two groups: coal-burning areas of China and non-coal-burning.
The utility is disposing of the two coal-burning plants as well as others in an effort to comply with regulatory demands from the European Union (EU).
After simulating temperature changes expected over the decade based on these factors, the researchers identified the smoking gun behind steady temperatures: sulfur particles belched into the atmosphere by coal-burning power plants.
Translating the z scores into absolute height differences, 3-year-old boys from indoor coal-burning homes were a mean 1.
But an influential Democratic senator from a coal-burning US state -- Senator John Rockefeller of West Virginia -- is seeking a two-year delay on rules for coal-fired power plants.
Public Service of New Hampshire has reported to legislators that work on the disputed scrubber project at its coal-burning power plant in Bow is ahead of schedule.
Before the protest in Coventry, scientist Dr James Hansen called for a moratorium on coal-burning power stations and said our dependence on the fossil fuel must be phased out within two decades.
The old coal-burning station closed in 1992 and was demolished, but power generator npower has plans for a new plant on the site to be run on coal using the latest "clean burn" technology.
From the friendly confines of Dvorak Park in Pilsen, Maria Chavez hopped on her bike and rode along the weedy sidewalks across busy Cermak Avenue just to marvel at the jet black piles of coal stacked outside the Fisk coal-burning power plant.
The urgent theme of this year's Relay is opposition to Duke Energy's planned 800-megawatt coal-burning power plant at Cliffside in Rutherford County.