coal tar

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a tar formed from distillation of bituminous coal

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A tan [delta] peak of the system with 2-naphthol shifted more dramatically toward the low temperature side than that of the system without the model coal tar components and the system with phenanthrene and quinoline.
There are also some materials, such as coal tar, that cannot be dealt with on site.
Coal tar creosote can also negatively affect the environment.
Widespread use of coal tar epoxy paint, which normally is black, prompts some to call tanks protected in this way "booted," because the tank looks like it is wearing black boots.
When Yale University's School of Medicine needed a roof for its new, seven-story building in New Haven, CT, a coal tar roofing system was specified for its life expectancy of 30 to 40 years and low maintenance characteristics.
TC Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy Mastic is ideal for the repair of damaged plant-applied coatings including coal tar enamel pipelines.
They allow the formulator an efficient, cost effective means of emulsifying or suspending silicones, zinc pyrithione, sulfur, selenium sulfide, coal tar, and even oil extracts together in shampoos and other surfactant products.
Anti-corrosion and sealing specialist Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd has introduced Denso Epoxy CTR, a new non-carcinogenic alternative to coal tar epoxy coatings.
Coal tar pitch modified by nitrile butadiene rubber
The "principle contaminants" on the site were wastes from tar production including coal tar and a variety of derivatives, materials from gas purification including foul lime, clinker waste and spent oxide and carboniferous materials including coal and coke.
In a word, it has important significance that reduces the coal tar in the process of production [1, 2].
As a result of that operation, coal tar was produced as a byproduct.
Tenders are invited for 100,000 LF parking lot striping - 4", 500 LF crack sealing, parking lot cross hatching, 300 arrows, 50 handicap symbols, 200 parking lot symbols, 50 SF curb painting, 10,000 LF layout fee, 13,000 SY coal tar emulsion sealer (2 coats), 2,000 SY coal tar emulsion sealer (3 coats).
USGS researchers used a chemical mass-balance model to show that coal tar pavement sealants were the chief source of PAHs flowing into 40 U.