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THE OLD TOM CAT Scrat, scrat, scrat what is that I'll bet it's next door's old tom cat I wish he would leave my door alone He's got the paintwork to the bone Tap, tap, tap it's him again Now he's tapping on my window pane The most mischievous cat ever was born He's strewn by bulbs across the lawn Coal black fur as black as sin Sniffing round my refuse bin Cold green eyes alert and wide Walking around with arrogant stride Licking his fur beside my elf A brief interlude to groom himself And then a glance just beyond He's got his eyes on my fishpond Ears pricked at attention, what can it be?
Its surface is coal black, and it spins slowly through space.
These heaters for home feature a compact structure and coal black color.
The resulting two-colored treat would resemble one of Saturn's weirder moons, Iapetus--an icy world with a coal black face and a bright white backside.
Coal black trees with frosts of white harbour birds worn out by flight.
black hare black coal black obsidian black October night black flag
South went Duncan's face, his bottom lip jutting out poutily as he huffed air like a knackered lilo and those coal black eyes glowered in a way that seemed to infer: "Dance while you can Mr Barry Banana, but don't forget I can have you killed with just a click of my fingers.
It is a gorgeous sweep of sand, leading to rockpools, a generous selection of coal black caves (no, I chickened out of venturing in) and dramatic, pointed stacks of rock rising from the sea.
Olmstead has received much praise for his depictions of natural and historical worlds which no longer fully exist, except on the page (including the lush Appalachia of his Civil War novel Coal Black Horse, the direct forebear of this book).
Robey, who has never been far from his home in the Appalachian Mountains, leaves on a coal black horse someone loans him.
Colors: Everything from the purest white to deepest coal black.
A regular on my shoots is Macs Pro Lash mascara in coal black.
It's a cold, coal black morning on Middlesbrough Railway Station
She played up Kyla's eyes with soft pink shadow applied all over (Bloom Eyeshadow in French Pink), and curled Kyla's lashes and gave them two coats of MAC Pro Lash in Coal Black.