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a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid

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Conversion F% F% Coagulum Viscosity Sample (%) (theory) (test) (%) (mPa x s) L1 95.22 11.99 11.19 0.108 17.5 L4 93.76 11.99 10.26 0.130 20.0 L6 94.16 11.99 10.67 0.135 35 L7 94.92 11.99 10.29 0.187 150 L8 86.85 11.99 9.37 8.925 173 L9 96.13 11.99 11.40 0.177 27.5 L10 88.25 12.34 9.88 9.238 370 L11 99.34 12.34 12.01 0.010 15.5 Particle Freeze/thaw Electrolyte Storage Sample size (nm) PDI stability stability stability L1 189.4 0.037 Pass Pass No change L4 195.8 0.03 Pass Pass No change L6 130.1 0.021 Pass Pass No change L7 53.6 0.147 Pass Pass Demix L8 66.4 0.17 Pass Fail Demix L9 142.9 0.023 Pass Pass No change L10 87.1 0.191 Pass Pass No change L11 179.5 0.042 Pass Pass No change Table 3: The antibacterial test of latex films with regard to a set number of bacteria.
Urethral obstructions due to seminal coagulum plugs have been reported with the use of medetomidine and ketamine in male mice (C57BL/6 and mixed genetic mice) [12].
Dromedary milk coagulum does not have a desirable curd formation and firmness and the curd is instead fragile and heterogeneous and consists of dispersed flakes [33].
Hemostasis disorders which are manifested with hemorrhage may arise from vascular causes, platelet count or function disorders, coagulation disorder or excessive or rapid resolving of coagulum (fibrinolysis).
Important determinants of impedance include increased body surface area, blood flow to the tissues, coagulum, and char formation.
Dried coagulum contents were determined in terms of the theoretical solids total mass of each synthesis by filtering the latexes in an ASTM #200 sieve and then drying the sieve.
Coagulum in latices was filtered by filter meshwork (mesh 100), washed by deionized water, and dried to a constant weight at 120[degrees]C.
The closure of the alveolus with mucoderm[R] punch stabilizes the blood coagulum, protects the alveolus from contaminations, and supports the preservation of the soft tissue contour.
Denaturated proteins within tissue and plasma are the source of the layer termed "coagulum" or "char", which is formed because of laser action and serves to protect the wound from bacterial or frictional action.
In view of the above-mentioned aspects, it was pertinent to conduct a comparative experimental study on optical density around the zirconia granules used as graft and compare them with the capacities of coagulum for 7, 14, 30, and 60 days using a direct digital radiography system.
Incidentally latex product manufacturing factories too, generate high volumes of formulated latex waste, which is known as dipping tank coagulum (DTC).
Ultrasonic coagulation achieved by the HS is similar to that of electrocautery in that the ultimate result remains a denatured protein coagulum that co-apts and tamponades blood vessels [9].
Water is added slowly during water reduction to avoid a large regional solvent composition change which causes the formation of more coagulum and leads to visible cloudiness indicating large aggregates.
There was a dark coagulum surrounding the circumcision site and the urethral meatus was not visible (Figure 4).
First, coagulant products and dye adsorb to form small new coagulum particles.