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an agent that produces coagulation


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The argon laser has also been used as a coagulator in areas with a high density of blood vessels, such as the lingual fraenum [Verco, 2007].
Hemo-XR, a spray-on blood coagulator that the spokeswoman says does not sting or leave dark stains, as do silver nitrate sticks.
Last year's winner, QeeZee, was thrust into the national spotlight after beating its rivals with its innovative travel sickness bag which contains a chemical coagulator, which turns its contents into a gel to prevent leakage and eliminate odour.
The literature in the last decade has focused on a variety of techniques using various modalities, including cold steel, electrocautery, bipolar forceps, bipolar scissors, argon beam coagulator, carbon dioxide laser, potassium-titanyl-phosphate (KTP) laser, and coblation, to name a few.
GDL is used in bakery foods as a chemical leavening aid, in dairy and soy as a controlled coagulator and in salads and dressings to acidify without adding sourness.
Purac is the only domestic producer of GDL, used in bakery as a chemical leavening aid, in dairy and soy as a controlled coagulator, and in salads and dressings to acidify without adding sourness.
The Helica thermal coagulator is already on trial in Scottish hospitals with early indications it is making a huge difference.
Andy wanted Finishing to mention the |EK-20' coagulator too.
said, "We are pleased to see that the GAO noted in its decision that the ERBE brand name product was designated a predicate device for the USMI model SS-601MCa offered by VHSS in the FDA's [Food and Drug Administration] determination that USMI's electrosurgical unit SS-601MCa/Argon 4 Coagulator is substantially equivalent to ERBE's VIO 300D/APC 2.
He used a medical instrument called an argon beam coagulator - which seals bleeding blood vessels by directing a beam of electricity onto the area - to inscribe two patients' livers while they were under general anaesthetic.
The remaining wedge of connected mesentery can then be efficiently excised with an electrothermal bipolar coagulator device ensuring that maximal mesentery and blood supply are preserved to the remaining limbs of intestine.
Therefore, we closed the mastoid emissary vein by bipolar coagulator.
Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy with a microwave tissue coagulator for small renal tumor.
The patient was returned to the operating room, and we controlled the bleeding with a suction coagulator without nasal packing.