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an agent that produces coagulation


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In another study by Atug laparoscopic decortication was performed in 45 patients using monopolar electrocautery scissors and fulguration of the cyst epithelium with an argon beam coagulator.14 Their symptomatic and radiological success were 91,1% and 95,5%, respectively.
Ramanujam, "Endoscopic therapy for radiation proctitis-induced hemorrhage in patients with prostatic carcinoma using argon plasma coagulator application," Surgical Endoscopy, vol.
Resection of the whole neurovascular bundle by using an ultrasonic coagulator or a coblation system has been used [7], but concerns remain regarding postoperative bleeding and unexpected deterioration in the physiological blood supply in the posterior part of the nasal cavity.
Infrared coagulator ablation of high-grade anal squamous intraepithelial lesions in HIV-negative males who have sex with males.
For ENT procedures using: Suction Coagulator, Coblation Devices and Bipolar forceps.
Then pterygopalatine artery and ECA were ligated at 1cm distal from the carotid bifurcation, and the distal end was burned off with coagulator. The CCA was occluded with aneurysm clips and a small incision was made in the ECA with syringe needle at about 0.5 cm away from ligation at the proximal end, and then pulling the proximal end of the external carotid artery in straight with the internal carotid artery was done.
Diagnostic ultrasonography system, electrosurgical coagulator, shadowless surgical lamp, delivery table, electrical aspirator, medication fridge and other medical equipment were allocated to the center within the Grassroots Human Security Project.
Sonoda et al., "9Transperitoneal laparoscopic pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection using the argon-beam coagulator and monopolar instruments: an 8-year study and description of technique," Gynecologic Oncology, vol.
Stenquist, "An automatic computerized bipolar coagulator for dermatologic surgery," Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology, vol.
Topical haemostatic agents can help with ooze, and the Argon beam coagulator helps with haemostasis over a large cut section, but the Argon is a 'luxury' in my opinion.
In our series, we left the back wall of the gallbladder in place in rare cases, emphasised extensive dissection of Calot's triangle during LC, removed all spilled stones and the gallbladder specimen via a protective endobag, destroyed any residual gallbladder mucosa with a coagulator, and closed the cystic duct with a clip or sutures to avoid postoperative cystic biliary leakage.
The Company has previously donated a Laser Photo Coagulator and Yag Laser machine to LRBT Quetta.
A series of diagrams of bleeding in the gastro-intestinal tract were shown and Dr Arnold described the options available to treat the bleeding, such as haemaclip, gold probe, Argon Plasma Coagulator (APC) or injections of adrenaline.
The combined device they used is called the ExplorAr Argon Plasma Cutting Electrodes (APCE) with Argon Beam Coagulator (ABC)[R].
To determine a presence of bronchial fistulas the fluid was introduced through intubation tube into residual cavity, fistulas detected were closured by suture PDS II 3/0 or coagulated by bipolar coagulator; after aerostasis cavity was drained by drainage tube with lateral apertures, operation was completed by drainage of pleural cavity.