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the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)

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Target tumors can be conceptually divided into three zones: 1) a central area, predominantly treated by thermal ablation, which undergoes heat-induced coagulation necrosis; 2) a peripheral rim, which undergoes reversible changes from sublethal hyperthermia; and 3) the surrounding tumor or normal tissue, which is unaffected by focal ablation (23).
Next step of 200 W HIFU applied to the tumour caused advanced coagulation necrosis. Hence, 200W dosage can be recommended as sufficient power for optimalablation, whereas 300W dosage causes complete destruction of tissue.
Acute pancreatitis is characterized by activation of these enzymes outside of the intestine, resulting in coagulation necrosis of the pancreas and surrounding tissue.
The optimal delivery power and time, which are required to create a safety zone of coagulation necrosis in liver parenchyma, was determined.
This might be explained by the fact that, as liquefaction necrosis is induced by TACE, simultaneous RFA might induce coagulation necrosis of cancer tissues, which is effective in reducing the absorption of necrotic tissues.
Post-procedural pathological examinations also revealed that coagulation necrosis developed in patients with breast cancer who were treated with HIFU (7, 8).
Irregular germ cells, cells shedding into the lumen and occasional coagulation necrosis in the 4-h torsion group (Grade 3--4) (H&E X200)
On the superficial papillary dermis, a scattered expansion of the coagulation necrosis toward the upper area of the deep reticular dermis could be seen (Figure 4(e)).
Caption: Figure 6: Photomicrograph showing H&E 40x view zone of coagulation necrosis surrounding the intended biopsy material.
Coagulation necrosis has been frequently described in cervical lymph node metastasis with a prevalence of 48% in patients with head and neck squamous cell cancer.
The histopathological examination of sequestrum revealed degenerative changes and coagulation necrosis of collagenous stroma with a surrounding zone of inflammatory cells, macrophages, plasma cells and giant cells.
Alternative techniques such as radiofrequency ablation and laser irradiation result in complete coagulation necrosis and total protein denaturation in tumors.
Electricalburn is a result of heat and electricity that passes through the tissue, causing coagulation necrosis and rupture of the cell membrane.
Pathophysiologically, a coagulation necrosis is induced by the thermal and mechanical effects of the transmitted waves and the prostatic tissue is subsequently destroyed and replaced by a scar tissue within weeks [2].
The electric injuries are caused by surface coagulation necrosis [11, 19].