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Diagnostic considerations for PT and aPTT prolongations with a normal TT include congenital or acquired coagulation factor deficiencies or inhibitors.
For example, if the infusion of large amounts of fluids is needed to restore intravascular volume and maintain tissue perfusion when an important blood loss occurs, a nonspecific coagulopathy due to the dilution of coagulation factors and platelets could impair the coagulation.
FXIII has been treated as merely a coagulation factor for a long time by the medical community.
Acquired conditions causing multiple coagulation factor deficiencies include disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), liver disease, and vitamin K deficiency (1).
Hemophilia A (known as factor VIII deficiency) is the most common inherited coagulation factor defect in dogs.
Table: 2 Frequency of various coagulation factor deficiencies (n = 273)
The clinical severity of hemophilia B corresponds to the level of circulating coagulation factor IX.
About 20 percent of people receiving replacement coagulation factors develop antibodies against the donor proteins, which raises serious complications.
2], including Vtgs 1 and 2, choriogenins 2 and 3, ER[alpha], and coagulation factor XI.
The report provides a description, evaluation and assessment of the recombinant coagulation factor R&D pipelines as of October 2011.
Contract award notice: Concentrate of recombinant coagulation factor viia.
However, the high cost of hemophilia treatment and low cost plasma coagulation factor alternatives to recombinant coagulation factors are hampering the growth of this market.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 24, 2014-China Biologic passes GMP certification for new coagulation factor facility in China
M2 PHARMA-December 24, 2014-China Biologic passes GMP certification for new coagulation factor facility in China
DSM Pharmaceutical Products has signed a manufacturing agreement with Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation in The Netherlands for the commercial supply of a monoclonal antibody used for the recovery and purification of coagulation factor IX from human blood.