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Synonyms for coadjutor

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

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an assistant to a bishop

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He now proceeded, with all diligence, to procure proper agents and coadjutors, habituated to the Indian trade and to the life of the wilderness.
He designed many things, and drew in other persons as coadjutors, quarrelled with some or all, blundered much, and something is done; all are a little advanced, but the individual is always mistaken.
Incessant machinations were to be kept at work by Mr and Mrs Lammle; love was to be made for Fledgeby, and conquest was to be insured to him; he on his part very humbly admitting his defects as to the softer social arts, and entreating to be backed to the utmost by his two able coadjutors.
When Bishop Burke died in 1820, the administration of his district fell to his nephew, Father John Carroll, a twentytwo-year-old who had been ordained for only six months, because Burke's coadjutor refused to serve.
It took years before he finally appointed a coadjutor, even though well-qualified and trained personnel were available.
Paving the way for America's first Latino cardinal, the Vatican announced April 6 that Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio has been named a coadjutor in Los Angeles, meaning that he will eventually succeed Cardinal Roger Mahony as leader of the archdiocese's 4.
In 1994, he was named coadjutor of Sioux Falls, and in 1995 he became head of the diocese.
He was succeeded by his coadjutor Archbishop, now Cardinal, Myroslav Lubachivsky.
That information, however, isn't nearly as revealing as a comment Olmsted's mother, Helen Olmsted, made to The Wichita Eagle at the time of his ordination as coadjutor bishop.
In 1841 Bishop Remigius Gaulin, Alexander Macdonnell's successor to the Diocese of Kingston, in poor physical and mental health, was seeking a coadjutor.
Don Samuel was like the prophet Jeremiah, a man who lived and experienced contradiction," said Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Saltillo, who served as Ruiz's coadjutor from 1995 to 1999.
During that time, Archbishop Blanc of New Orleans sought him as coadjutor, and Governor-general Sydenham also pressed him to accept a bishopric.
Vasa has since been named coadjutor bishop of Santa Rosa, Calif.
Pope John Paul has appointed Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who has been the Holy See's permanent observer at the United Nations in Geneva, as coadjutor in the Archdiocese of Dublin.
Young has been elected coadjutor bishop in the Diocese of Central Newfoundland.