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Synonyms for coaction

joint work toward a common end

Synonyms for coaction

act of working jointly

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Based on the previous social facilitation research (16,42,59,61) showing enhanced maximal performance in athletes, we hypothesized that runners performing a structured interval running session coactively with familiar group members would increase average speed and report greater enjoyment compared to running the same workout alone.
An example of a concrete intervention aim for affective involvement is "recognizing and tuning into negative emotions" with target behaviors such as "tactilely repeating the pushing away of objects." Another intervention aim for affective involvement could be "evoking and sharing positive emotions" with target behaviors such as "holding the hands available and affirming laughing by coactively shaking hands."
In addition, flow may be experienced both by performing a solo activity and socially; by flowing coactively (in the presence of others) or interactively (in cooperation).
Misran, "Design of a compact ultrawideband metamaterial antenna based on the modified split-ring resonator and coactively loaded strips unit cell," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
It is through the strategic adaptation and mediation of symbols that rhetoric coactively induces cooperation without coercion--that rhetoric achieves its persuasive aims ...
Using a social loafing paradigm, Williams and Sommer (1997) examined the effects of ostracism by coworkers on performance when performing a brainstorming task either coactively (individually identifiable output) or collectively (combined output) with other group members.