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Synonyms for coaction

joint work toward a common end

Synonyms for coaction

act of working jointly

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[Participant listed specific video clip numbers and the following activities:] (1) We complete Koenig & Holbrook sensory channels data collection forms, (2) We talk about routines, [and] (3) We talk about different tactile strategies including modeling and coactive signing.
May't be Affection?--Thy intention stabs the centre, Thou dost make possible things not so held, Communicat'st with dreams--how can this be?-- With what's unreal thou coactive art, And fellow'st nothing.
Ces deux axes distinguent alors quatre modeles : l'heterostructuration traditionnelle (MIE1--l'enseignant revele et transmet le savoir, c'est la pedagogie transmissive); l'heterostructuration coactive (MIE2--l'enseignant fait decouvrir le savoir, c'est la pedagogie de la decouverte (5)); l'autostructuration coactive (MIE3 l'eleve tatonne afin de produire un savoir, c'est la pedagogie naturelle ou non-directive) et l'interstructuration coactive (MIE4--l'eleve interagit avec le savoir et l'enseignant, c'est la pedagogie interactive de la recherche).
CoActive introduced a fully cloud-based version of its advanced EXAMRIS[R] solution, providing robust capabilities such as flexible rules-based exam routing, load balancing and immediate updating of multi-site worklists.
-Sale of CoActive Technologies' DeltaTech Controls (US) to Sensata Technologies (Netherlands/US)
In so doing, we describe (a) an embodied, coactive systems model of the development of persons within socio-cultural contexts (Mascolo, in press; Mascolo & Fischer, 2010), and (b) a set of conceptual and empirical tools for analyzing the construction of integrative patterns of thinking, feeling, and action as they arise in joint interaction over time (Basseches & Mascolo, 2010).
But not all public entities can be considered as "authorities", only the ones "that are empowered to adopt decisions and to impose or execute them to individuals by use of coactive public power" (Brewer-Carias, 2009: 297), with the exclusion of those "with purely staff or consultative nature" (Human Right's Defendant or autonomous universities).
In Hebb's classic book, The Organization of Behavior: A Neuropsychological Theory (1949), he formulated his "dual trace mechanism" theory, whereby interconnected and coactive neuronal circuits permanently modify the efficacy of pathways.
Berlin-headquartered DeltaTech, formerly a subsidiary of CoActive Technologies Inc, produces operator controls and integrated systems for customers ranging from off-road vehicle producers to medical equipment manufacturers.
In the case of Castells's recent work, the rhizome metaphor of asexual reproduction works well in that it connotes growth which is both horizontal and beneath the surface of the ground: networks of "outrage and hope" are horizontal in that they create solidaristic meanings and "togetherness" (Castells, 2012, page 225) in the absence of formal leadership, and grow through nonhierarchical modes of exercising power [what has recently been referred to as 'coactive' or 'non-dominating' forms of power and activism (Pearce, 2013)]; new "roots and shoots" (Castells, 2012, page 147) are nurtured underground in ways that are not visibly measurable but which suggest possibilities for the emergence of alternative futures (and hope--for the growth of better ones).
This study used an ANN cloud classification method for FY-2C data, which has been developed by comparing the capabilities of six widely used ANN methods (back propagation (BP), probabilistic neural network (PNN), modular neural networks (MNN), Jordan-Elman network, self-organizing map (SOM), coactive neurofuzzy inference system (CANFIS)), and two other methods (principal component analysis (PCA) and a support vector machine (SVM)).
Thus, when the dopamine is released there are two coactive areas: those that constitute the neurons activated by the environmental stimulation (CS and/or s), and those that constitute the neurons of the motor cortex that result in the UR and/or in the operant responses (R).
Johnson et al., The Fundamental Principle of Coactive