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the job of a professional coach


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This singular kind of coaching terminates at Fredericksburgh, whence there is a railway to Richmond.
James Harthouse, with a discreet use of his blue coaching, came off triumphantly, though with a considerable accession of boredom.
With those words, the best and brightest of the Barnacles went down-stairs, hummed his way through the Lodge, mounted his horse in the front court-yard, and rode off to keep an appointment with his noble kinsman, who wanted a little coaching before he could triumphantly answer certain infidel Snobs who were going to question the Nobs about their statesmanship.
Many factors play into the equation: time remaining, skill level of the opponent and the reserve players, score, and coaching philosophy.
The rest is due over the course of the contract and would be mitigated by any salary Toledo received if he takes another job - inside or outside of coaching.
Confidence is one of the ultimate elements of the coaching personality.
RODRIGUEZ: There's always a little bit of a struggle when you get into college coaching, whether you're a minority coaching candidate or not.
A clear line must be drawn between the actions of the previous three men and the judgment errors of the following three, but David Goosen, Robert Martin and Bruce Smith all committed violations worthy of dismissal from their coaching jobs.
Combined, the four coaches have more than 2,650 total victories in prep basketball and over 100 years of coaching experience.
I have spent my entire professional life coaching football.
Legislative, education and athletic leaders led by the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) announced that all the state's athletic directors and coaching staffs in its member schools would receive access to STAR Coaching -- a web-based sportsmanship program for coaches developed by Learning Through Sports -- to help them prevent steroid abuse and build school-wide sportsmanship initiatives.
But Rodrick Stewart said he will transfer to Kansas even with the coaching change.
With health care costs on the rise, now is the perfect time for companies to improve the effectiveness of wellness benefits by incorporating online health-coaching programs into existing benefit plans," said Sean Slovenski, president and CEO of Hummingbird Coaching, the company that created MyHealthCoach.
teacher and coach, I became very interested in the kind of coaching that develops athletes into better people.
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