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a craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles

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The firm was sold to De Tomaso, which also owned the Ghia coachbuilder. De Tomaso was sold to Ford in 1973.
The new model was called the TA21 and it saw Alvis teaming-up with famed coachbuilders.
Jennifer Foster also contacted Looking Back to say: "Although I have never heard of Warren's Yard, I am familiar with the house where Wm Dickens, the coachbuilder, lived at 38 Sparrow Hill which is where National Tyre Co now stands.
The model, which features a narrow-angle, three-litre V8 engine sited in a long-wheelbase chassis, acted as a blank canvas for most of the great Italian coachbuilders of the day, and variations on the theme were used extensively by Italian government departments in period.
Using a design from fellow coachbuilder Pininfarina, Scaglietti installed what was known as Series II bodywork.
This 1928 Bentley 41/2 Litre - registration UP 2100 - is one of only eight 41/2 litre Bentleys bodies by coachbuilder Victor Broom
French coachbuilder Gruau redesigned the interior with two bucket seats to replace the stock taxi-like bench.
After the XNR's tour of duty as a show car was completed, Carrozzeria Ghia, the Italian coachbuilder that assembled the auto, sold the XNR to someone who, in turn, sold it to the Shah.
Another English marque, Aston Martin, contracted the Milanese coachbuilder Zagato to create a special edition based on Aston's Vantage, a spry grand tourer that entered production in 2005.
One of two DB2/4s known to have been bodied in this style by Bertone, the famous Italian coachbuilder, it was delivered new to San Francisco resident, Mrs Edith Field, in 1954.
French insurer Macif said today it will not buy a stake in local insolvent coachbuilder and contract manufacturer Heuliez, as proposed by the president of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council.
THE French coachbuilder Heuliez has been granted protection from competitors by the French government for six months.
* CASTAGNA: This Milan-based coachbuilder, resurrected in 1995 by architect Cioacchio Acampora after a 40-year hiatus, debuted its Imperial Landaulet, a modern interpretation of the grand motorcars of the '20s and '30s.
Forty years after famous coachbuilder Radford last made their VIP De Ville version of the iconic car, they're back for more.
German coachbuilder Baur created a nice convertible out of the E21 though.