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vary in the same time period (of two random variables)

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For an individual chemical constituent to be a mediator of the risk associated with [PM.sub.2.5] total mass, the concentration of that component must co-vary with the more general mass variable used in epidemiologic research (i.e., [PM.sub.2.5] total mass); however, we recognize that multiple components may contribute to the risk and that components may interact.
Second, we identified the components that co-vary day to day with total [PM.sub.2.5] mass.
In attempting to understand the nuances of how time and sacredness co-vary, Strehlow realized that the use of the German past tense distorts how Arrernte myths based in the most distant past were propelled into the present (and possibly the most distant future).
Because bottom temperatures at the CTDEP channel co-vary, we have compared only CTDEP Station D3 with E10.
Because previous research has established a relationship between QOL and patient sex, age, and cardiac diagnosis (Jette and Downing 1994, 1996; Laux and others 2002), we will co-vary these demographic variables when testing our predicted relationships.
The fact that HRV and NIR measures did not co-vary with EDA measures raises several sophisticated conceptual and methodological issues.
Do levels of formalized training co-vary with the success of the labour movement historically?
The figures are also of a poor quality scientifically, as they co-vary a number of features a cross the nine figures, including [WHR.sub.front] and apparent BMI.
Yet such sensations carry information by virtue of the fact that they co-vary with properties of the environment.
That these phenomena may co-vary is demonstrated by Burt.
Second, if the investigation is sensitive enough, is there reasonable evidence from which to infer that the presumed cause and effect co-vary'?
Vuolteenaho and I find that value stocks have a stronger tendency to co-vary with permanent movements in stock prices, while growth stocks have a stronger tendency to co-vary with temporary movements.
First, there may not be evidence that important risk factors co-vary with pollution, but it seems reasonable that many might correlate with residential location.
Investments that co-vary positively with fluctuations in overall firm capital should receive higher hurdle rates.