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Synonyms for co-sign

sign jointly

sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan


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A Boogie has already performed with Drake when he opened up for the "One Dance" rapper during one of his Summer Sixteen tour stops, but the two will eventually work on a song together when Drake gives the New York rapper the famous Drake co-sign.
RNs are accountable for their own actions and do not routinely need someone to co-sign their practice.
So, if you ask me, my advice is still not to co-sign.
While most states allow nurse practitioners to prescribe, the degree of prescriptive authority varies from full authority (usually in more rural areas where access to a physician is limited), to authority for all medications except controlled substances, to a requirement that physicians co-sign orders within a predetermined time period, to prescriptive authority by protocol (ie, drugs designated for use for specific conditions).
Andreoli when he persuaded him to co-sign for the $340,000 loan from Northbridge-based UniBank for Savings without informing him that there was a third mortgage on the home and that Mr.
The Program Manager will work with their PEO and operator to determine who will co-sign the Expectation Management Agreements.
For instance, should you co-sign for your sister's car and she misses payments, the creditor will immediately come after you in addition to your sister.