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Synonyms for co-ordinated

intentionally matched

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operating as a unit

being dexterous in the use of more than one set of muscle movements


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Gillian added: "When you consider just how large and complex our health and social care systems are, taking this co-ordinated approach right from the start will bring real benefits to the individual - getting them straight to the care they need and without people having to move round a variety of services."
The faith schools which have not opted into co-ordinated admissions are Bishop of Llandaff, Mary Immaculate and St Iltyd's.
On Sunday it was confirmed Avon and Somerset Police were being helped by South Wales Police and British Transport Police in an investigation into "co-ordinated disorder" and criminal damage before, during and after the match, which ended 2-0 to Bristol.
Under the co-ordinated approach, Appel explained, the existing state-based systems would continue to be separate with insurers managing both medical care and cash benefits to injured workers.
They then withdrew the cash in a highly co-ordinated
I know some search and rescue teams have been deployed, but there needs to be a co-ordinated attempt to find him."
Indian Embassy first secretary Meera Sisodia, who will complete her second stint at the mission on Thursday, said the local system has emerged "more streamlined and more co-ordinated" over the years.
Operation Pangea X, an Interpol co-ordinated swoop, resulted in a haul of more than 50,000 unauthorised drugs - including anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, diazepam, pregabalin and tramadol.
Services were axed over safety fears after the co-ordinated invasion by migrants and refugees desperate to break in to the UK early yesterday morning.
The CIA and US special forces are operating a co-ordinated drone campaign in Syria to kill ISIS leaders and operatives involved in a terrorist network beyond its "caliphate's borders".
They had obviously co-ordinated their outfits with singer Olly, 31, in a navy linen suit, which Caroline matched with a silky shirt and hotpants.
This is the sixth year of the event, co-ordinated by Middlesbrough Council, which aims to help people who have fallen on hard times.
PARIS, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Thursday urged the United States to improve its energy policy and adopt a more "stable and co-ordinated approach" than has been practiced in the past.
National surveying company Co-Ordinated Surveys, Llandudno, which is among only a handful in its sector to develop its own specialist software for different industry sectors, has been acquired by North Yorkshire-based investment and business development consultancy, Caenby Ltd, for a substantial but undisclosed sum.