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Synonyms for co-option

the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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If fewer than 12 residents ask for an election in the next 20 days, then the town council can go down the co-option route.
Board co-option leads to a significantly weaker propensity to pay dividends.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 24, 2017-Saint-Gobain's board proposes renewal of director's tem and Co-option of Dominique Leroy as an independent director
Co-option has served to defeat or delay justice everywhere else, and the Kenyan case may not be different.
Indeed, it was a form of elitist co-option, namely the despised system of lay patronage in the Kirk, which enabled the landed elite to intrude theologically liberal Moderate ministers into parishes, often against the democratic wishes of the people in the pews.
The challenge of neglect, of obfuscation, of cunning co-option. Marigolds are still heaped on his images, the more plentifully by those who hate his truth-telling spirit.
For example, understanding some T&CM practitioners' concerns around integration' which can relate to the philosophies of practice underlying T&CMs that may be at odds with biomedicine, wariness of integrative' biomedical practitioners and co-option or appropriation of T&CM practices, and the changes that practitioner registration might bring.
Bew, seeing the appeasement debate as a critical node in the term's evolution to its ultimate place in the twentieth-century realist paradigm, is convincingly dismissive of Chamberlain's co-option of the term.
At a time when the country is being forced to recognize the brutality of its original sin, this co-option is particularly creepy.
So too are prominent symbols of the holiday less about Jesus than they are a co-option of pagan practice, he says.
This co-option has gone on far too long, so irrespective of any crony capitalism in banking or other sectors of the economy, the economic decision-makers have to accept responsibility for having contributed to the disaster we are in and draw the consequences.
"We must always appreciate democracy but if anybody felt strongly enough that they could make a difference to Mirfield Town Council they should have come to us and ask if we would consider co-option. That way councillors would decide on filling the vacancy without an expensive by-election.
Shareholders also ratified the co-option of Dolika Banda, Graham Dempster and Sheila Mmbijjewe as directors for a term of three years respectively.
This legitimacy can be threatened by corruption, co-option by interest groups, oppression of a minority by the majority, or other problems.