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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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Nevertheless, as Fisher echoes Messer-Davidow in emphasizing the advantages of social movements in supporting academic change, and feminist activism as an antidote for co-optation in the daily teaching grind, something closely resembling hope and optimism overtakes the reader.
Brenner correctly emphasizes that this process of placing demands on the capitalist patriarchal state is subject to co-optation, which is why her emphasis on the importance of grassroots community organization and resistance is crucial.
Corporate co-optation? Richard, the comedian and heir to the Montoya dynasty, laughs.
"Pen & Sword" doesn't tackle the co-optation issue head-on, but reading it leaves the impression that the military has gained the upper hand on the press.
Union talk died from many causes: disillusionment on the part of African Americans, disenchantment on the part of Radical Republicans, the rise of immigration and class conflict, the co-optation of the concept by organized labor (and its opponents).
Thus the Rubaiyat, it is contended, `in its status as both translation and collected text, illustrates the fate of the acquisition in Victorian museum culture', at the same time as it stands as `one of the age's most vivid examples of the domesticated exotic'; while FitzGerald himself, `in his self-professed violent co-optation of the Oriental, [...] offers a case study of the Victorian collector that illuminates the activities of the nineteenth-century collecting populace at large' (pp.
By way of warning, he cites the co-optation of black liberal preachers into the Democratic Party in the post-civil rights period and of white conservative ones into the Republican Party of Reagan and Ralph Reed.
The first factor consisted of six items that reflect a construct labeled sanctioned political tactics: "use of expertise," "super-ordinate goals," "image building," "networking," "persuasion," and "coalition building." The second factor consisted of seven items that reflect a construct labeled non-sanctioned political tactics: "intimidation and innuendoes," "using surrogates," "blaming or attacking others," "manipulation," "organizational placement," "co-optation," a nd "control of information."
Despite its clever co-optation of rhetoric befitting a Sally Struthers infomercial, the dot-com set's spotty philanthropic track record makes them an easy mark.
Thiele refers to the third wave, from the 1980s through the present, as the period of "co-optation," during which environmental concerns (if not environmentally sound behavior) were embraced by mainstream America.
Co-operation for mutual benefit is good - sneaky and stealthy co-optation to continental Europe is evil.
Control of radio and popular music through censorship and co-optation were two means through which the regime sought to promote its nationalist ideology.
Parker describes the expansion of poor relief and its eventually co-optation by municipal governments during the later middle ages in Dordrecht, Harlaam, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, and Gouda.
Let us understand that it is Canada's goal, advanced through policy and the co-optation of our own people, to undermine the strength and very existence of our nations by taking away -- or having sellout politicians sign away -- everything that makes us unique and powerful.