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choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague

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neutralize or win over through assimilation into an established group

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appoint summarily or commandeer

take or assume for one's own use

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Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) have co-opted two women Wangui Kibe and Peris Mukoko, into the Board of Directors with immediate effect.
The government has also decided to expand an outreach programme by the Elementary and Secondary Education Department, whereby teachers were co-opted to spread dengue prevention measures.
David Hough was co-opted onto Hawarden Community Council to serve the Ewloe ward following a meeting by councillors on June 12.
Metro Mayor Rotheram said: "I am delighted that the combined authority has unanimously agreed to co-opt Jane Kennedy.
The Times story reported that the Pentagon, by controlling access and disseminating selective information, has co-opted some military analysts to generate favorable news coverage during the war.
Where a counter-hegemonic challenge could not be co-opted, the elites would crush dissent to continue their own hierarchal control.
Could the OEMs follow the radio model and co-opt these products?
Formerly a Pharisee, Paul confesses what he did as one of those learned elite, using intellectual prowess to co-opt holy law to coerce and repress.
No, this motion does not co-opt any future decision by any level of jurisdiction within the Anglican Church of Canada as to how, if ever, it will acknowledge this by a rite of blessing.
The authors see the same dynamics at work when Victorians co-opt Elizabeth's status as patron to enlist Victoria's support for the arts and modern inventions (chap.
It has spawned articles in the Journal of Religion and Film as well as several books (including one evangelical treatise that tries to co-opt the movies to "inspire Christians to apply the movie's gospel message to their own lives").
A row broke out over plans to co-opt members of the public to fill the vacant positions and to reduce the number of councillors needed to have a quorum - the legal number of people necessary for a meeting to go ahead.
One can also glimpse the process by which an elite, in this case a black elite, made a deal whereby its attempt to co-opt a vehicle of oppression (race) and turn it into a means of securing a public presence only reified what the elite sought to destroy in the first place (racial discrimination).
Government agencies face ongoing security risks from viruses, worms and sophisticated blended threats, such as Code Red, Nimda and Klez, that target network vulnerabilities, rapidly infect via multiple means, compromise data and co-opt networks during coordinated cyber attacks.
To co-opt what's left of the world's vanishing oil reserves, the Bush/ Cheney plan would promote the ascension of US oil companies in Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Persian Gulf.