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a jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners

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Co-op Egg (PS Co-op carrots (1kg, 49p), Co-op parsnips (500g, 69p), and Co-op savoy cabbage (each, 59p) will all go with your lunch, and at prices you will love.
The co-ops featured could adapt this year's theme in many other ways, such as: Co-ops Commit to Renewable Energy; Co-ops Commit to Helping Farmers; Co-ops Commit to Democracy and Dynamic Governance; Co-ops Commit to Worker-owned Businesses; Co-ops Commit to Better Home Care for Elderly and Disabled People"; even "Co-ops Commit to T-Rex Preservation." And if that last one doesn't bring home the flexibility of both the co-op business model and the types of work co-ops can do, nothing will!
Managers of that CO-OP have said they have a deal in place and need CMS permission to restructure the company's operations under a more flexible for-profit charter.
* A $3.5 million first mortgage for Allendale Apartments, Inc., an 82-unit co-op at 34-24 82nd Street in Jackson Heights, NY;
Resource & Environmental Management (MRM) Co-op, (PhD)
PPACA Section 1322 tells the CO-OP "to use any profits to lower premiums, improve benefits, or for other programs intended to improve the quality of health care delivered to its members."
Since 2003, CO-OP LoanLink Center has had an exclusive agreement to use the Next Generation Network platform, which is part of CO-OP Financial Services today.
Bridgend: Blaengarw Food Co-op, Blaengarw Workmen's Hall, Blaengarw; Old Post Office Food Co-op, 3-4 The Precinct, Wildmill; Fruits of Love Food Co-op, Arosfa, Madoc Close, Brackla; Ogmore Oranges Co-op, Ogmore Vale Primary School; Sweet Potato Co-op, Lewistown; Cefn Glas Food Co-op, St Winifred's Road, Cefn Glas; Bettws Food Co-op, Life Centre, Bettws
The only distraction is that the section 216 taxes are paid by the co-op rather than directly by the taxpayer.
Scholars and community activists called for more research on cooperatives in response to a Department of Agriculture hearing in September, beseeching officials to study urban and worker-owned co-ops among different racial groups.
This is a valuable alternative to named peril condo and co-op insurance policies that only cover specific perils.
He also noted that Hansen must have been aware of the rules and accepted them when she was granted her type of membership in the co-op, including its termination upon her mother's death and the restriction on survivorship provisions.
The report was to be on a grand scale, without losing the personal touch the co-op was founded upon.
The heyday of the cooperative nursery school movement was between 1940 and 1965 as revealed by the growing numbers of co-ops and the emergence of co-op associations.
"Our customers want food from local farms," affirms Lamar Stribling, produce department coordinator for the Hendersonville Community Co-op. A sign over the lush and full produce section confirms the Co-op's dedication to satisfying the demands of their customers for locally grown produce.