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go with, fall together

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According to researchers, workaholism can co-occur with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, Health news reported.
We now know that there are many disorders of neurological development that can give rise to learning disabilities, even in children of normal or even high intelligence, and that crucially these disabilities can also co-occur far more often that you'd expect based on their prevalence," lead author Professor Brian Butterworth said.
When the illness begins before or soon after puberty, it is often characterized by a continuous, rapid-cycling, irritable, and mixed symptom state that may co-occur with disruptive behavior disorders, particularly attention deficit [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] disorder (ADHD) or conduct disorder (CD), or may have features of these disorders as initial symptoms.
Although there is general agreement that learning disability and attention deficit disorder often co-occur, there is no consensus as to the nature of the correlation.
Each term on the A-list is associated with all B-terms that co-occur with it in the AAB records.
3% in The Times -- co-occur with unmarked Themes (or those fronting a subject participant) only.
This master reference, developed by a team of nationally known and respected researchers, clinicians, and program directors, is the first comprehensive handbook that provides a full treatment of all the most common psychiatric conditions that typically co-occur with substance use disorders.
It is important to note that when these disorders co-occur, the brain is under considerable assault that affects the individual's thinking, emotional functioning, behaviors and capacity for relationships.
No significant associations were found between race/ethnicity and other problems that commonly co-occur with autism, including attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, developmental delays, depression, behavior or conduct problems, epilepsy or seizure disorders, or hearing problems.
Linking the plant behaviors with their benefits is challenging when multiple processes co-occur.
According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, "alcoholism and eating disorders frequently co-occur and often co-occur in the presence of other psychiatric and personality disorders.
Drug use disorders (DUDS) frequently co-occur with alcohol use disorders, affecting approximately 1.
Disruptive behaviors (ODD/CD) frequently co-occur with ADHD, in approximately 30% of cases.