cubic metre

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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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A higher radiation dose to the cochlea has been consistently associated with greater hearing loss.[5],[8],[16],[19],[28],[29].[30] We found that among the radiation-injured patients, we studied, the average tumor size (7.1 [+ or -] 6 cm[3]) was bigger than that in both the hearing-preserved patients (4.9 [+ or -] 5 cm3) and the hearing-improved patients (3.9 [+ or -] 3.6 cm3).
Ce qu'il faut savoir : Il existe deux permis pour moto, A1 : les cylindrees concernees sont de 50 a 124,9 cm3. L'age minimal des candidats est fixe a 16 ans avec une autorisation paternelle.
7 December 2009 - UK-based medical technology company Biocompatibles International plc (LON: BII) said on Friday it will start clinical trials for CM3, a Type 2 diabetes drug, under development with AstraZeneca (LON: AZN), in January.
This machine type is capable of producing parts with a very low shot weight (up to a shot volume maximum of 64 cm3) in a most cost-efficient and precise way, according to the manufacturer.
It is filled with 100 cm3 of Klubersynth UH1 14-222, a high-quality, synthetic food-grade lubricating grease suitable for a wide variety of applications.
A third way (CM3) to implement CM uses the contour gauge to trace the outside bark-surface, but determines the inside bark-boundary by making multiple measurements of bark thickness along the arc contoured to allow several points representing the inside bark-boundary to be plotted on the tracing.
At the Flagstaff conference, Young and her colleagues reported that Charon has a density of 2.35 gm/cm3, with an uncertainty of 0.02 gm/ cm3.
EC partir du modele de l'apres-guerre, motorise par un 1 131 cm3 developpant 25 ch, l'evolution technique de la Coccinelle va se faire sous la forme d'augmentations repetees, mais prudentes, de la cylindree dans le but de trouver les chevaux qui manquent cruellement : 1 192 cm3 et 30 ch en 1954, puis 34 ch en 1960, 1 285 cm3 et 40 ch en 1965, 1 493 cm3 et 44 ch en 1966, 1 584 cm3 et 50 ch en 1972.
The specific volume of the test and the control were 1.02 cm3 per gram and 2.28 cm3 per gram, respectively, on day eight.
The maximum values of thWP were observed at first and second and forth depths which were 18.6, 19.2 and 17.8 cm3 cm-3 and the minimum thWP were at the lower depth 60-75 cm (Table 3).
Oman's Sharqiyah Desalination Company has signed an agreement to expand the 80,000 cm3 Sur Desalination plant 160 kms south west of Muscat.
Freeslate's third-generation Core Module automation system (CM3) optimizes workflow integration, enabling scientists to leverage a single automated platform to run an array of laboratory applications.