cubic metre

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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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Prior to co-founding CM3 Consulting, Christopher held various roles at business strategy and technology consulting firms in Boston and New Jersey.
The CM3 Series also features a premium portable spectrum analyzer, digital video QAM analyzer, non-interfering sweep system, DOCSIS 3.
indicates that CM3 has an extended duration of action in relation to the
Emirati Mubarak Allali won the 250 CM3 race ahead of Palestinian Bassel Mahfoudh and Kuwaiti FayE*al Ben Noudh.
Un cyclomoteur de 49 cm3, avec chariot isothermique, trois caissettes en plastique, d'une capacite de 25 kg chacune, une balance, un tablier, un parasol, une paire de gants et un casque, forment le kit complet de poissonnerie ambulante, a precise la meme source.
the treatment of the first volunteer in the first Phase I clinical trial for CM3, a type II diabetes drug, under development with AstraZeneca.
In particular, a hard-core cadre of critics said that the skeleton was that of a human who was suffering from microcephaly a disorder in which the head is much smaller than normal - limiting its brain to 417 cm3, a third the size of the average human brain.
The TM-M Series twin screw extruder is characterized by a D/d 1,55 with a specific torque of 18 Nm/ cm3 and 600 rpm as the maximum rotation speed, according to the company's four-page, four-color brochure.
Reducing the size of a cardiac pacemaker by a factor of eight, from 8 cm3 to 1 cm3.
Oman's Sharqiyah Desalination Plant near the town of Sur has reached a key milestone, producing 100mn cm3 of water since it was first commissioned in 2007.
Production of motor vehicles with spark-ignition engine of a cylinder less than 1500 cm3 Production volume by years Production volume by months Production volume by federal districts Production volume by regions 10.
and pharmacokinetics of single ascending doses of CM3.
54 cm3 cubes and then processed into cured, smoked hams consisting of 0%, 25% and 50% pale pork.
First in, first out (FIFO) rubber injection units are available with an injection volume of 26,000 cm3.
The CM3 is a highly flexible system that will allow Dow Corning to leverage a single automated platform for preparing, processing and testing an array of complex mixtures and samples.