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Synonyms for clunky

lacking grace in movement or posture

making a clunking sound

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It became quite clear as I had to slow down due to a clunky sensation.
The PM's proposal for Britain to collect customs levies on behalf of the EU was "just as clunky and impractical as it sounds", he said.
Might he still save us from the "contentious and clunky" translation--an obstacle to our liturgical prayer?
The Triple S and other clunky designer sneakers require a bit of styling when worn.
Sib Kaifee The new Chinese-made transport is powered solely by electricity, setting it apart from its clunky gasoline-powered predecessors.
01 Clunky in the name of comfort is making way for pretty, wearable choices of heels
An unlucky-in-love woman is swept off her feet by a guy who seems absolutely perfect in a clunky stalker thriller that's anything but.
Relatively confident that he will fail, but curious to see what might come of the experiment, an alien council endows a perfectly average human with the power to do whatever he pleases in "Absolutely Anything." That must have been roughly how the financiers felt when backing Monty Python legend Terry Jones' clunky sci-fi satire: Though the pic's backers can't have been too shocked by the result, Jones' potential to surprise, plus his ability to call in favors from friends (including vocal performances from all five surviving Pythons and deceased comedy god Robin Williams), must have seemed to justify the gamble--all for nothing.
While some creations may look clunky, developments such as its latest robot Spot, a four-legged robot with a 'sensor head' that helps it negotiate rough terrain, offer a fascinating insight into the prowess of the firm's engineers and the future of advanced robotics.
The clunky script barely helps J-Lo, but the horror chills towards the climax at least give the film a much-needed darker edge.
Boss Sir Martin Sorrell admitted last month's "big, bold" merger move by Publicis and Omnicom came as a surprise, but dismissed the threat of the enlarged POG group, saying its organisation and structure would be "clunky".
Summary: Jenson Button expressed disappointment on Saturday at the progress made on his clunky McLaren, ...
BAD POINTS: The unconvincing plot is dire and the dialogue clunky. It's ridiculous that girls should hang around chatting in their underwear.
At the time, I thought that the headline I chose–Natalie Portman Weds Dancing Frog–was clever at the very best and clunky at the very worst; after all, Ms.
Played from a third-person perspective, its Gears-inspired, cover-based shooting can feel a little clunky and fraught at times.