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Synonyms for clunky

lacking grace in movement or posture

making a clunking sound

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THE lightest vac on test, it still managed to be the clunkiest to use.
The opening episode of series nine started with the clunkiest gear-change of the TV-drama year (not counting anything you saw on e Deep, which doesn't count as it was obviously a spoof).
Category three, obviously, threatens the clunkiest fares.
When he got to where she lived, he could no longer postpone the profound embarrassment of having to take her out in his dad's 1951 Plymouth, the world's ugliest, clunkiest car.
The Houllier-Thompson reign is peppered with daring deeds at Old Trafford and elsewhere being undermined by caving in against the Premiership's clunkiest.
The number of third-party, transmission vendors should be diminished by, one since Ad/Sat, the oldest, clunkiest and most expensive, lost its lawsuit against.
Abreak in the countryside gave rise to the clunkiest of comebacks since Dirty Den, when Ricky and a now-lesbian Diane randomly pitched up in the foyer of the country club to tell Pat that old hubby Frank Butcher had died.