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Synonyms for clumsy

Synonyms for clumsy

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

difficult to handle or manage

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

lacking sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

Synonyms for clumsy

lacking grace in movement or posture

not elegant or graceful in expression

difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape

showing lack of skill or aptitude

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The former Manchester United and Scotland star admitted he made a "clumsy mistake" when he appeared to conflate racism issues in the game with the former Sunderland player Adam Johnson's conviction for child sex offences.
A CLUMSY woman suffered a broken neck after falling from a window while leaning outside to smoke.
Now, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has given his opinion on the situation and believes that Mo Salah is referee Kevin Friend was right to call for a foul: "It was a clumsy tackle - if you watch, he catches him on the back of the thigh with his left leg, it is just clumsy, he has gone down and I think it is a penalty," Gallagher says.
And Cullen is hoping that disciplinary chiefs regard James Lowe's tackle on Andrew Conway as clumsy rather than malicious in deciding the length of the ban the winger faces.
According to a body language expert, Camilla and Markle's hand-holding was "clumsy," ", but it promised change.
(4), a distinct patient with dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome was illustrated in which the clumsy hand was described as bradykinetic and the lesion site was subcortical white matter underlying supplementary motor area.
The France international, who used the caption '80's party' to accompany the picture, responded to the criticism with another post saying: "Calm down my friends, I'm a fan of Harlem Globetrotters and that beautiful era, this is a tribute." Griezmann, a passionate basketball fan who has travelled to the United States to watch NBA games, later issued a third tweet saying: "I recognise that this was clumsy from me.
Sunderland, meanwhile, was named as the fourth least clumsy city in the UK, beaten only by Wakefield, Swansea and, amazingly, London.
THE government is being urged not to rush through a "clumsy" Brexit plan amid calls for manufacturers to retain access to the single market.
Coe also apologised for some 'clumsy' responses to the crisis which has engulfed athletics after a new report by the World Anti-Doping Agency's independent commission identified serious failures in the IAAF.
If you say yes, then those people are described as clumsy, awkward, insecure, or conscious, and that's their character.
Yes, it's a defiantly old-fashioned, studio-based sitcom about an eccentric, clumsy character who mangles their words and generally causes mayhem.
Alan Pardew feels that Juan Mata's "clumsy" challenge should have been punished in Newcastle United's loss to Manchester United.
ANGEL RANGEL has warned Swansea not to fall for Peter Crouch's clumsy act.