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Synonyms for cluck

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


Related Words

make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

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Learn the clucks and purrs to finish white-fronts tight.
Well I'll be clocked if I can make sense of it, and whoever of the council clique of clucks thought it up must be clacked.
If you've busted a bachelor flock, rely on your gobbler yelps and deep gobbler clucks, but call more sparingly.
This behavior did not necessarily prove that a cluck works like a word that refers to some object around the bird, Evans says.
For example, he and his colleagues have shown that the particular clucks that chickens give when they find food inspire other chickens to search for it.
Ambrose the rooster keeps watch from the front porch and Elvis the chicken clucks a welcome, while dogs Rover, Kaylee and Madie cluster around the gate.
Oddly enough, when he needs to pad out Cardiff s case for being regarded as a city of some cultural standing, he clucks on about Wales and the Welsh connection like some born-again Dafydd ap Gwilym.
It produces realistic yelps, clucks, purrs, cutts, and gobbles.
SALES rep Jim Smith clucks up the miles in his car - by taking along his pet HEN.
Keep an eye on the birds; if they're talkative, make good clucks and see how they react.
In one song she simultaneously clicks and clucks while humming.
The deep, goosey sound makes the perfect clucks, double-clucks and moans needed to get honkers to drop their feet.
Flextone's versatile Michael Waddell Series Mouth Calls are designed to create seductive soft tree yelps or sexy clucks and purrs, as well as produce the loudest cuts, cackles and yelps to draw in birds from afar.
Simply put the call to your lips and gently kiss with a slight sucking motion to produce realistic yelps and clucks.