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Synonyms for clucking

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


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Then she thought of those scuttling, clucking crowds, and her heart failed her.
The husband and wife team behind Marske-based The Clucking Pig Company temporarily swapped Teesside for Wearside earlier this year when they were invited to take part in a networking event at Sunderland University attended by Prince Andrew.
David Laing from The Clucking Pig dons gloves to handle the devilishly hot Carolina Reaper chillies A CAROLINA Reaper, reputed to be the hottest chilli in the world, will spice up Stokesley Farmers' Market tomorrow.
Meanwhile, in North Wales, they get clucking with some prize-winning poultry breeds and use a few dozen local eggs to make Welsh cakes and Welsh rarebit.
Meanwhile, in north Wales, they get clucking with some prizewinning poultry breeds and use a few dozen local eggs to make Welsh cakes and Welsh rarebit.
That's when flock talk--primarily clucking and purring--comes into play.
Had you believing you were a chicken, fluttering about the stage clucking and flapping your arms.
I keep her there for a few days, or however long it takes for her to stop running back to the nest box for her imaginary eggs, and to stop making that funny clucking sound that broody hens make.
Gobbler clucking, again, is similar to a hen's clucking but with a noticeably deeper tone.
Retired police officer David Laing runs Clucking Pig with his wife Christine, selling duck, goose and chicken eggs, as well as a wide variety of scotch eggs.
From their perch in an abandoned shack they hustle, clucking, to the neighbor bent before a small red altar at her door.
According to Dennis Murawska, the pet chicken woke his wife Susan Cotey with loud clucking from its cage in the basement two floors below about 6:15 a.
The NBN features a competition-caliber, worn-in tone channel for fast clucking and producing spit notes needed to call every subspecies of Canada goose.
A good-natured but put-upon son rarely seen without a wineglass, life for Gianni consists of putting up with the old dear's clucking and drinking himself silly at the local bar.
But it's the staccato White Lies, already a live favourite despite its chicken clucking intro, that is the clear standout.