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(golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball

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To get the cap of your grip pointing toward the target line halfway back, you need to feel your clubhead weight.
Woods, who now uses a longer shaft on his driver, ranks second on the PGA Tour with a 122.4 mph average clubhead speed - just ahead of Rory McIlroy.
His new instructor believes in the "swing the clubhead" method taught by the late Ernest Jones.
The system has two main applications in coaching sessions it can be used to help golfers improve the way they strike the ball with different clubs but TrackMan also improves the accuracy of custom-fitting golf clubs, where factors such as clubhead speed, the plane of the swing and the part of the club face that connects with the ball all need to be taken into account.
The sensors on the shaft monitor five key parameters (head speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle and release factor) as the club is swung, and send that data to a laptop computer, armed with software which makes recommendations for both shaft and clubhead.
This maneuver loads the body for generation of clubhead speeds in excess of 100 mph in less than two-tenths of a second.
The Speed Frame Face also saves weight that is redistributed in the clubhead to improve the CG position and maximize MOI, which leads to optimized ball flight and forgiveness.
The Burner SuperFast 2.0, with its more aerodynamic clubhead, is longer, lighter, and faster.
The plug-and-play game connects with Windows computers and accurately records info like clubhead speed, face angle, distance and tempo.
He had too much wrist movement, which makes it difficult to control the distance of his pitches because of too much clubhead speed.
Very simply he brings the clubhead around his shoulder into it.
And lest we forget Tiger Woods, who never used the old grooves (with his clubhead speed he has never needed sharp grooves to spin the ball) and may be the player least affected by the change.
The Orange Whip ( is a flexible, weighted club with a ball at the end instead of a clubhead. The device allows centrifugal force and gathering momentum to help produce a balanced swing.
In his hands the titanium clubhead and carbon fibre shaft of his driver could be expected to be too much for anything the old engineer could manage.
Golf is the ideal sport for stretching the age barriers as it is not a contact sport, apart from clubhead hitting ball, and neither does it involve intense physical exertion.