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(golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball

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Your sand wedge will feel lightest when you move the clubhead to the right side away from the target.
The warmer clubhead and ball also allow for a better transfer of energy at impact, allowing the ball to be compressed more easily.
Now, with Mizuno's range of forged clubheads and a wide variety of shaft materials and flexes, the choices are far more sophisticated.
5-degree clubheads are 440cc (versus 460cc for other lofts) and feature a more open face angle.
Day just as easily could have been marveling at the Corza of Ghost Series fame--its tour-proven shape incorporating a white clubhead, where the finish provides the best contrast with the green, making it exceptionally easy to line up your shot.
The COR of 1 represents a perfect elastic collision of clubhead and ball, hence the "spring-like effect".
New clubhead regulations drawn up by The Royal & Ancient come into force on January 1 outlawing hundreds of makes of golf clubs.
Villela proudly displayed a new clubhead cover Lopez gave her -- of a man taking a siesta under a big sombrero -- and she played with a ball he gave her.
All golf clubs have three parts: the grip, the shaft, and the clubhead.
The clubhead speed that's generated is such that even minor misalignments can lead to wild shots off the tee.
A lightweight beta titanium face insert and crown provide power, deepening the center of gravity in the clubhead for a high-launch, low-spin take-off and more roll upon landing.
You cannot play golf well with your head still as it ruins your weight transfer and kills clubhead speed.
But the main interest is in the speed of the clubhead and then the ball - with the lighter ball travelling around 50 per cent faster to speeds up to 180mph.
These dreadful lies will force you to pull the club down hard and generate high clubhead speed to make clean clubface-to-ball contact at impact.