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(golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball

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If you carefully look at the two pictures you will see John's club has come inside the line very quickly, forcing the club-head to be pushed behind his hands and body.
If you look at Angel's take-away you will see how the club-head and shaft has stayed in front of the hands and slightly outside of the body.
Flange: The additional surface that protrudes at the bottom or sole of the club-head, and is more exaggerated on a sand wedge.
Hosel: The hollow part of an iron club-head, in which a shaft is fitted.
Loft: The degree of pitch built into the club-head, designed to lift the ball into the air.
Shaft: The part of the club that is not the club-head.
Toe: The part of the club-head farthest from the golfer.
As a result of installing their laser digitizing and CAD/CAM/CAE systems, Karsten has been able to collect and store 3-D data on many successful club-head designs.
Family-of-parts programming will enable us to create a family of consistent club-head designs.
PHOTO : Machining a club-head model out of blue machinable wax on one of Karsten's CNC
Your right hand, being the human element closest to the clubhead, is the instrument situated to produce the club-head speed you want.
And ironically, just as technological advances enabled Callaway to fashion titanium into oversized club-heads that revolutionized the driver business, it's the technology behind the TriMetal that transformed Orlimar into a premier equipment seller.