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(golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball

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When discussing the kinematics of the golf swing, it is natural to focus on the club head, as club head speed, direction and orientation at impact ultimate dictate the success of a shot (Jorgensen, 1999).
The additional weight allows the club head to gain more momentum as it is swung, and contact with the ball produces more power even with short swings.
The introduction of titanium club heads in the late 1980's allowed club head size to increase to more than three times that of standard wood or steel head drivers while simultaneously reducing the weight.
By doing this, the company further reduced aerodynamic drag by 10 percent, which resulted in increased club head speed along with higher ball speeds and distance.
Club head coach Rob Atkin said: "This cash boost is fantastic news for the ongoing development of girls football in our region in 2008.
A full shoulder turn increases club head speed without swinging harder.
Keeping your elbow still, resting on your thigh, slowly turn your hand which will move the club head in an arc in front of you
The sort of tempo you use on a seven iron will suffice and let the club head do the work.
The call for such high-performance steel alloys should grow with a move by the United States Golf Association (USGA) to limit both a club's head size (to 385 cubic centimeters) and the speed with which a ball can leave the club head (called the coefficient of restitution).
Mario Luca, club head teaching professional, said the machine would be a big hit.
It looks just like a golf club head only that it is machined out of copper or aluminum and is slightly oversize to account for shrinkage in the casting process.
Ortiz overcame a final hurdle when he found a brazing process that would allow him to affix the maraging metal to the face of the club head.
Embraced by the wide screen, La Maremma consists of a big public dining room in the golf club head served by a linear kitchen running from the reception along the inside wall, and a small private wood-panelled club slotted into the truncated handle.
A choice of eight club head positions that can dramatically or subtly perfect ball flight makes the SQ Dymo STR8-FIT the first of its kind in the market place.
The first is in front of the club face and is to be hit and the other behind the club head.