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a test for diagnosing reading ability

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Bormuth (1969) studied the factorial validity of cloze test by administering nine cloze tests and seven multiple-choice reading comprehension passages to a sample of grade four, five, and six students.
Examining the test-taking process: A cognitive perspective on the discourse cloze test. Language Testing, 14, 214-231.
Collocational competence and cloze test performance: a study of Iranian EFL Learners.
The students volunteered to assess their comprehension of an informed consent (1C) form which targeted HIV/AIDS patients by responding to a cloze test and a comprehension quiz.
In the cloze test, the differences among the three levels were not big either: 68% for E99, 64% for E101, and 60% for E102.
"Cloze Tests of L2 Proficiency and What They Measure." Language Learning 23.1 (1979): 105-18.
At this moment, the system offers assistance for authoring test items for basic listening comprehension, cloze tests, incorrect-character identification, sentence reconstruction and usage of measure words.
This website provides a word processor toolbar that can transform any text into dassroom activities, such as crosswords, bingo cards, and cloze tests.
These results indicate the efficacy of QuickSmart as an intervention that supports students to improve automaticity in basic academic skills such as word recognition and sentence-level cloze tests.
They also constructed two Cloze tests from a handout on bronchoscopy, one written at the grade five level, the other at the grade nine level.
As Reppen suggests, it may be useful in developing cloze tests or vocabulary activities, which reflect authentic texts and exposure to real language.
"Native and Non-Native Speaker Performance on Cloze Tests." Language Learning 30 (1980): 59-76.
For the conceptualization of the content; cloze tests error correction, formal/informal words, sentence completion and notes expansion exercises are seen to be essential to be emphasized in the syllabus.