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  • verb

Synonyms for cloy

to satisfy to the full or to excess

Synonyms for cloy

supply or feed to surfeit

cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing


References in classic literature ?
Whilst I am here on earth, let me be cloy'd With all things that delight the heart of man: My four-and-twenty years of liberty I'll spend in pleasure and in dalliance, That Faustus' name, whilst this bright frame doth stand, May be admir'd thorough the furthest land.
They then went off, I suppose to give an account of the reception they were like to meet with; indeed, that salute cloyed their stomachs, for they immediately halted, stood a while to consider of it, and wheeling off to the left, they gave over their design for that time, which was very agreeable to our circumstances.
smog, slog, 4 1914; 3 Albania; 2 Impact; Deep 1 looms, loom, logs, logo, loco, gloomy, gloom, cosy, coos, cools, cool, cloys, Quiz: cloy, clogs, clog, COSMOLOGY counties.
Although he tries to humanize his style, his humor - "God is no Hallmark greeting card" - sometimes cloys; his narrative skills, however, stand him in good stead.
What engages one right off is the quality of the language of Komunyakaa's poetry, a freshness marked by a delightful figurativeness and a wit that never cloys and which may be attributed in great part to the richness of the material from which it springs.