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a comic incident or series of incidents

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There will always be customers who see through it all and clowning has been around a long time so there will always be stalwarts.
In this ethnography, author Barnaby King, founding artistic director of Clownencuentro, the annual festival of clowning in Latin America, explores Colombian clowning in in cultural context.
Room Circus Medical Clowning, operating in its third year, had trouble selling tickets to its November benefit event.
Each practitioner has completed comprehensive medical clowning training in the performing arts, medicine and health science, psychology and gerontology, social science and cultural studies, with the training provided by the International Institute for Medical Clowning at Steinbeis University, Berlin.
The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 gathers the various actors and representives of the diverse fields of work present in the scene of healthcare clowning organizations.
Clowns often visit pediatric wards to cheer up young patients, but in most places the clowning ends where the medicine begins.
About 80 years ago, clowns appeared only in circuses, but the art of circus clowning was disappearing.
In clowning there's no plot, only the (il)logic of the partner's supreme status as a system, any system, to be deftly dismantled in bumbling sublimity.
LEOMINSTER - Donna Featherstone, aka Blinkee the Clown, found herself clowning around.
It's a tough life for them, but the convention tries to maintain high standards of clowning.
The English Clown Tradition from the Middle Ages to Shakespeare is a fascinating book filled with important revelations about the significant functions clowning played in the religious and political discourse of early modern England.
We gently introduce ourselves, explain the art of clowning, perhaps even help the person to discover their own inner clown.
It can't all be about clowning, we'll do whatever people want us to do.
They are professional artists who have been trained in the art of clowning, and have special skills and stories to share.
Rosa, who has been clowning for the past four years, learned the fundamentals of her craft at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre in Paris.