clown around

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Synonyms for clown around

act as or like a clown


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CLOWN AROUND From left, Ella and Mary Jamieson from Seaham with storyteller Louise Corcoran
She worked for Lloyds bank for 15 years, going back part-time after she had children, before launching Clown Around.
Families wanting to clown around and have a good old fashioned night out under the Big Top are flocking to the annual visit to Birmingham by Zippos Circus.
We are appealing to people to clown around and enjoy themselves with us," said Tom Gleeson, of Thurles, Co Tipperary.
NoFit State Circus is giving people a once in the lifetime chance to clown around for a week.
Photo: (1 -- color) Daniel Oncea, 5, left, and big brother Billy, 8, clown around during a timeout from the cockpits of their racing go-karts.
For every Thurgood Stubbs running afoul of his tenants, I'd like to see a character who doesn't clown around in the ghetto.
Even the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be on hand to clown around with the kids.
YOUNG achievers have been encouraged to clown around at school as a reward for their hard work.