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KB FACT Tarantino claims he had to cut a gory fantasy sequence in which Buck, who tries to rape The Bride in hospital in Vol 1, enters hell and gets raped himself by horned, cloven-footed devils
Red meat must come from cloven-footed animals that chew their cud; in other words, vegetarian animals that live by grazing on the land rather than on each other (if certain beef producers had respected the vegetarian aspect of cattle, we wouldn't be worrying about Mad Cow disease today).
Sir, - If scientists are told that foot and mouth disease must be eliminated from this island whatever the cost, they are forced to recommend unlimited slaughter, even up to and including the elimination of the nation's herds of cloven-footed animals.
The restrictions are needed because the virus spreads easily and quickly among cloven-footed animals such as pigs, sheep, cattle and deer.
What is ultimately frightening about the play-turned-movie's courtroom scene is not the specter of some cloven-footed demon, but the not-so-faint echoes of a thousand inquisitions, pogroms, and lynch mobs.
One wishes she had spent more time discussing the extraordinary French legal case of 1619, in which the subjectivity of a cloven-footed child was contested in relation to property inheritance (31ff).
Once in a while visitors find spikes, pieces of rail or cable, cinders, old building foundations, horse shoes, or even the unique half-moon shoe of the cloven-footed ox.
So if you decide to stop at the Oak Grove, bring a Frisbee and leave those cloven-footed animals in the car.