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Synonyms for cloven

Synonyms for cloven

(used of hooves) split, divided


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1855: The "Devil's Footprints" appeared in snowbound South Devon - 100 miles of cloven hoofprints, eight inches apart in a single line and measuring four inches by two.
O famous guard before a nameless garden, bearded, shaggy, hugely tall, with pelts that fall over your enormous shoulders, much broader than an oxen's back, goat-legged, big-butted, poised on cloven hooves, on your head a basket rests between your horns, your right hand on the handle, your left dangling a cluster of grapes.
In particular cleft and cloven, alternative past participles of the 'apart' verb, regularly occur as attributive adjectives in expressions such as cleft palate and cloven hoof (though COCA does have examples of cleft hoof as well).
Summary: A man with cloven hoofs in place of feet and a clay pot on his head sips liquor from a martini glass while riding on the back of a giant fish with legs.
Washington, January 15 ( ANI ): Charlie Sheen has called his former wife Denise Richards a ''pig'' and said that she has cloven hooves instead of feet.
In the background (behind the dead tree), one can see the Cloven Hall chalet which Lourens and Frank stayed at during their visit to Kariba.
Dubai Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, issued a ministerial resolution temporarily banning the import of animals with cloven hooves from Egypt.
Of the positive cases, 1,626 were discovered in Gharbiya governorate only," Minister Ismail said, adding that the ministry officials have isolated animals with cloven hooves in affected areas, in a bid to contain the outbreak.
1855: The "Devil's Footprints" appeared in snowbound South Devon - reportedly, between 40 and 100 miles of cloven hoofprints, eight inches apart in a single line and measuring four inches by two.
1607-1681) "A Procession of Diabolical Creatures": feline heads atop demon-like silhouettes with cloven hooves-imagine if sphinxes returned only to fall in with the wrong crowd.
Here, it suffices to state that this article will attempt to apply this definition to a novella of Italo Calvino, The cloven Viscount.
He works for a cruel master and only he can see the horns and the cloven hooves which mark his tormentor out as a demon.
All the folk of Cloven Grave, called hoomin, are born with their very own secret speaker, nestled in their throat, assigned to tell their creature's story.
She said that the Insular school was unsophisticated, and showed images of apostles and saints with cloven feet, while the corresponding Anglo-Saxon images showed details of feet with toes.
Other demanding works have included the high-adrenaline Arden Court and the bestial, tuxedoed quartet in Cloven Kingdom.