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Synonyms for cloudiness

Synonyms for cloudiness

the state of the sky when it is covered by clouds

gloomy semidarkness caused by cloud cover


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They found that turbidity of drinking water was linked to increased AGI in multiple studies, and not just when there was increased cloudiness.
Because the cloudiness in this layer proved to be very sensitive to the surface temperature (Fig.
Satellite data show that cloudiness decreases a lot from morning to afternoon in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.
The present work was conducted to investigate the influence of the three stabilizers on viscosity and cloudiness of the papaya-wolfberry beverage and determine an optimal formula by Response Surface Methodology (RSM).
After the weekend, warmer conditions should prevail with some cloudiness expected (at least) over both our north and northeast.
By Thursday and Friday, conditions are mostly expected to be clear and sunny with partial cloudiness in some areas by Friday evening.
Friday will be mostly sunny, but Saturday will feature increasing cloudiness with isolated showers in the late afternoon.
Other models predict a reduction in cloudiness and magnified warming.
This cloudiness comes from water droplets forming inside the display when there's been a large temperature swing.
The first phase of the deepening created some temporary cloudiness in nearby waters, which is unavoidable with dredging.
They describe the effect of global climate change, how the emission of strong electromagnetic thermal corpuscular energy preceded fires, how solar wind penetrates the atmosphere, the effect and direction of air masses, the factor of cloudiness, and the effect of cosmic radiation, with discussion of specific cases in Portugal and Central and South Europe.
Addlestones, which will also downsize to a 500ml format, will keep its dark glass bottle, but new labelling will emphasise the cider's cloudiness.
It is in the rich nourishing class of the best of the fruity Sicilian, Cretan, and northern Spanish oils and its beautiful green cloudiness bespeaks of care and judicious handling.
He leads a research team that has devised a method to give pilots a way to avoid turbulence not associated with thunderstorms or significant cloudiness.