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Synonyms for cloud-covered

filled or abounding with clouds

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The high point of the pounds 2bn mission will be on January 14 next year when the European Huygens lander parachutes down to Titan, Saturn's mysterious cloud-covered moon.
With the wedding season in full swing - and demand for ice sculptures at their highest - all Adrian wants is for a good old downpour and a cloud-covered sky.
All that is known is that their plane crashed on the side of a cloud-covered mountain in Laos, nearly a mile above the jungle floor, and for more than 30 years the site remained untouched.
The observations, taken by the Earth-orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory and released last week, may provide new information about the atmosphere of the cloud-covered planet.
Scenic designer Guillaume Lord sets before a cloud-covered sky four chairs on stilts, connected by poles to four more installed upside down, twenty feet above them.
But instead of blazing sunshine, the cloud-covered Midlands was buffeted by rain.
In the large canvas Heaven and Hell, 1992, Connelly appropriates Christian iconography: Heaven is represented by one of Connelly's cloud-covered skies, while Hell lies on the earth below.
Britain has contributed around pounds 50million to the probe, which will attempt to land on Titan, Saturn's mysterious cloud-covered moon.
This view of cloud-covered Venus, released last week by NASA, reveals the hills and valleys of the western Ishtar Terra highland in the planet's northern hemisphere.