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Synonyms for migration

Synonyms for migration

departure from one's native land to settle in another

Words related to migration

the movement of persons from one country or locality to another

a group of people migrating together (especially in some given time period)

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(chemistry) the nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule

the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding

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Virima manages the risks and activities associated with complex data center consolidation, optimization and cloud migration projects.
IT spending in the data center has begun to shift from server virtualization projects to Cloud migration and services, creating new security challenges and ultimately new opportunities.
The report also covers current role of telcos in providing cloud services to enterprises, enterprise mobility and cloud computing and suggested cloud migration path for enterprises.
Unisys performed the first cloud migration of email and collaboration services for an entire federal agency with the General Services Administration.
We look forward to work closely with Microsoft to offer best of breed Cloud consulting and Cloud migration services to our Indian and global customers.
Open tender for the assignment of management services in 2015 (Full Service), Cloud Migration, performance improvement and transfer to the CED MIT~s National Logistics Platform (PLN).
An innovator in accelerated ITSM and IT Operations management software, Virima Technologies developed technology to manage the risks associated with complex IT transformations including data center consolidation, optimization and cloud migration projects.
Cloud Technology Partners software solutions streamline cloud migration and development while improving the cloud readiness of enterprise applications.
The good news is that enterprises can easily avoid these problems and pave the way for a successful cloud migration.
Educating customers on the cloud migration strategies available will be vital to overcome the current inhibitors for hosted and cloud uptake.
About WSM International WSM International (WSM) created the specialized data migration services segment in 2003, and today is recognized as the largest server and cloud migration service provider in the industry.
Although challenging from a monitoring and visibility perspective, one-third of organizations indicated application availability increased as a result of cloud migration.
We believe that the future of cloud deployment is in hybrid cloud and by offering IaaS and PaaS based consulting services, we will closely align with our customer's cloud migration roadmap.
ScienceLogic addresses this issue for Cloud Exchange customers, with advanced discovery tools for existing on-premise workloads, enabling them to be sized and assessed as candidates for cloud migration.
IT departments can start cloud migration plans with iwNetworks' Privada CNS cloud appliance.