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Synonyms for migration

Synonyms for migration

departure from one's native land to settle in another

Words related to migration

the movement of persons from one country or locality to another

a group of people migrating together (especially in some given time period)

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(chemistry) the nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule

the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding

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Therefore, it has direct applicability to any and all cloud migrations.
This new feature enables users to quickly and easily analyze infrastructure for cloud migration and hardware refresh opportunities, and to visualize the impact of these changes on running environments, both now and in the future.
The Double-Take Cloud Migration Centre aims to provide automated and simplified migration for servers and applications into the cloud from private and public cloud platforms.
Michel Robert, Claranet's UK MD, added: "It's apparent from this research that, in spite of the growing maturity of the delivery model, cloud migration issues haven't gone away and are increasing along with adoption levels.
CIOs that follow a disciplined approach to cloud migration end up harnessing unprecedented levels of business efficiency and growth.
Taking a manual approach to planning cloud migration, like many organisations have done with virtualisation is a recipe for inefficiency and reduced return on investment.
The new release also introduces increased support for different applications and platforms, advanced reporting and managing capabilities, as well as more flexible deployment models including physical to cloud, cloud to cloud and cloud migration capabilities.
The good news is that enterprises can easily avoid these problems and pave the way for a successful cloud migration.
Egenera's Xterity Cloud Services deliver a full range of dedicated, managed, private and public cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), and cloud migration exclusively through the channel.
As Aspect continues to create cloud migration paths across our solution portfolio, Toms focus on strategy and execution will be key to delivering exceptional business returns for our customers, said Bob Segert, Executive Chairman of Aspect Software.
16 November 2016 - US-based IT company IBM (NYSE: IBM) has completed the acquisition of hybrid cloud recovery, cloud migration and business continuity software firm Sanovi Technologies, the company said.
REAN Cloud offers consulting & professional services, including cloud strategy, assessment, cloud migration, and implementation.
For example, the Double-Take line comprises products around high availability, disaster recovery, and cloud migration, and the MIMIX range is similarly broad.
Seventy-four percent of respondents indicated their chief concern about cloud migration was ensuring corporate data security.
have announced new cloud planning analytics that streamline and improve decision-making processes around cloud migration.